There is no sound after rendering the video

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  • What are your audio settings in VEGAS? Can you make a screenshot?

    Unfortunately, I probably won't be able to take a screenshot, but the sound itself in Vegas is on the track, but after rendering via Voukoder there is no. This is probably due to the fact that I don't have an Audio tab in the Voukoder settings

  • The visibility of the audio- and video option in Voukoder depends on VEGAS settings (In case you want to export video or audio only).

    So if the number of audio-tracks in the VEGAS settings is 0 that option will be hidden in Voukoder.

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  • Same in Virtualdub2,

    I wasn't able to export with original sound but only when I extract it to wav and reload to Virtualdub as external file.

    (with bad video result, but this is another issue..)

  • Same as above, Audio 0Hz 0 channel.

    * There is Audio tab in voukoder but it has no presets to any of the codecs on the list.

  • Yes, and this is perfectly okay.

    Voukoder takes the audio data from the project settings once the export starts.

    And the preset list is empty because we don't have presets for all encoders.

    But the main question is: Can you export with working sound?

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  • Hi fayfen, sounds like a bug. If it not work, i have some tipp for u. :)

    Export the Audiofile manuely in vegas (flac is some good choice as audio container). After this, go and download MKVToolnix and mux them together. Time expenditure under 1 minute.

  • I am finding many folks do not hear sound when using AAC as audio render option. Not a big issue to me as I can convert.

    nb: We work in pro audio.

  • Are you guys using the latest 9.3 version?

    Maybe someone could tell me the steps on how to reproduce that error so i could investigate it?

    I think the issue is basically what is being used to playback the files. Windows default TV player for example.