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    I don't have any OBS recordings here but opened VP 20.403 and imported an AVC MP4 from zoom into an 8-bit full project. I then went to Voukoder and selected x265 and did not customize any of the settings.

    I rendered out part of the video and looked at it in MPC-BE. Seems fine.

    I then brought it into Vegas and put it below the original video on its own track. Toggling between the two there was no change in the scope.

    Switching to 8-bit video mode (where Vegas shows you exactly what you have- no changes are made to levels) both are clearly video range files and there's no difference between the source and the x265 render.

    Happy to do another test if you can help me understand the test conditions that cause it to fail.

    If you'd be willing to test your different NVIDIA cards on a standardized benchmark it could provide valuable data. This benchmark project works with VP 16+:

    Vegas Pro Benchmarking
    Compare your system's render performance against our community of users! See here for results (updated automatically):…

    If you also want to compare Voukoder render times you can put that in the comment field.

    VEGAS uses CUDA as well and supports NVIDIA cards just fine. The AMD recommendation was true a decade ago. (I maintain two benchmarks for Vegas Pro and NVIDIA and AMD are quite competitive.)

    There were issues with Quadro cards not working as well as GeForce, at least until fairly recent fixes in VP.

    Is that version of the Intel driver too old for Voukoder but not VEGAS?

    In general I have the opposite with Intel iGPUs where it doesn't work in VEGAS if I had an external monitor plugged in it stops working.

    Also have a decade experience in VEGAS with 12 and then 15-20.


    To actually accelerate video editing software, you'll need at least 8GB of video memory and a quite powerful GPU for small editing & effects,

    VP 18+ works fine with a 10XX+ NVIDIA card with 4GB and more. If you use AI effects or 8K 8GB+ is needed. For rendering it doesn't really matter as the encoders are flexible.


    Premiere, After FX, Davinci-resolve are video editors, which means, you just Google "how to change project framerate in Premiere/After FX/Davinci-resolve".

    Well, this comes down to how Voukoder works, not how the host editing software works, and the responsibility for that is the developer, not the user. Googling won't help I'm afraid, though thank you for your suggestion.

    You can't change render resolution and framerate using Voukoder in Vegas Pro without filters. The native render templates work differently from Voukoder and even other third party renderers like MagicYUV make use of that functionality If Voukoder changes how it works so it can make resolution and framerate changes without filters that's fine by me. The filters are appreciably slower than how the native templates work as well so I wouldn't miss them if I could do the same thing a different way.

    Changing project resolutions can affect the formatting of different Fx (stabilization, etc.) so it's necessary to set this properly at the project stage. If you edit in high resolution you can output at lower resolutions but the converse is not true. Also if you change project settings from 4K to HD you lose the full resolution of still images or other high-resolution images which is very important if you're doing a push-in zoom or cropping them (all track based Fx work at the project resolution rather than the media resolution).

    That may work different in other NLEs but this is how it works in the one that I use. I'd hate to see Voukoder become less useful and functional.

    Anything over 10-bit 4:2:0 is not going to work with GPU decoding (unless you use an Intel IGPU or ARC card) on the HEVC side or over 8-bit 4:2:0 on the AVC side so that might be source of poor playback performance. GPU makers have moved on to support for HEVC and newer formats.

    What H.264 and H.265 Hardware Decoding is Supported in Premiere Pro?
    Premiere Pro supports hardware-based decoding for H.264 and H.265 (HEVC) which can significantly improve performance with these codecs, but not all "flavors"…

    Maybe share the full settings? This screenshot is only showing a few.

    You can reduce the quality by changing quantizer from say 17 to 23 and see if that yields file sizes you are happy with.

    The general recommended setting aren't a bad place to start from, either.

    I think paying to unlock full features is reasonable (I've donated twice so far... after I used Voukoder and found it was beneficial for me).

    The world of video is full of expensive things, a great resource like Voukoder at a low price should be an easy choice for many users.

    Voukoder is 12.1 and VP 20.326 which is the latest version. I've tested Voukoder on just about every build of Vegas from 18 on and have reported a handful of issues here.

    Type of video isn't normally relevant as Voukoder just encodes whatever Vegas sends to it, but this time was various UHD 4K media as part of the new sample project. You can try it here:

    I generically use X-AVC S files from my Sony cameras for testing Voukoder as it's mainly what I shoot. Happy to test with something else if that's a potential factor.

    I also have a second computer I can test on and did so with this same project and VP 20.326 with an Intel i5-13600K and RTX 2080 Super.