Use the best encoders available in your favorite NLE.

What is the Voukoder?

Voukoder is system wide video- and audio encoding service for Windows that improves your media encoding experience. It supports various encoders (both CPU and GPU based) and also provides a set of post processing filters. Currently supported are:

  • • Adobe Premiere
  • • Adobe Media Encoder
  • • Adobe After Effects
  • • VEGAS Pro
  • • VirtualDub2
  • • ...

Voukoder is incredibly fast! If you have a video card with hardware encoding capabilities you could get an encoding speed of 4-8 times faster than realtime (depending on your project).

Download & Install

To use the Voukoder you need to download and install the voukoder main application and a so called connector that connects it to your favorite application. You can get both from the "Download" menu at the top of the page.
    Voukoder supports many popular encoders