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    Preset - slower, profile - high, CRF - 17, GOP - 75 (for normal seeking afterwards):) It's heavily slow on noise scenes (especially on RGB input from colored BMC videos) and just a little slow on normal scenes. I know, I know, I need at least Ryzen 8/16, but well - right now I just can't afford it and using my old Sandy Bridge i7, clocked to 4.4. It's not super fast, but for 10 years old processor it rocks:)

    The issue with NVENC not being available has been fixed in 6.1rc2.

    Did you try version 6.1rc2?

    I have NVENC in 6.1 release, everything is fine. I didn't try 6.1rc2, I installed 6.1 (from your post here) without release candidates. Here I'm trying to help, because you know... I think I'm smart, I'm from IT departament and as they say "Two heads are better than one":) If I'm completely wrong (with voukoder 6.1 hangs on h264_amf, ffmpeg glitch with AMD hardware encoder) and messing with your work I can shut my mouth and only read with curiosity:)

    P.S. I've just tried 6.1rc2 - NVENC and other encoders are visible and working like a charm, in CC2018 and VirtualDub:)

    The strange thing is this error (that the list of encoders is empty) just occurs to a few users only. Looks like the data from the resources files is missing after the initialization.

    Yeah, I've tested my CC2018 like an 100 times, everything is fine. I was trying to reproduce it, tried BT.601, limited and full range, different aspect ratios - nothing happend, everything is working. And in voukoder_h's logs I've found this:

    version 6.0

    version 6.1

    So I decided it's some strange problem with ffmpeg and hardware detection, which hangs on h264_amf. And again - without GUI, on preset, it's working! voukoder_h didn't mention that, but he was able to export with version 6.1, probably using preset in media encoder. Some strange things:)

    Yeah, I'm bored, so I don't know why, but I examined your logs. You forgot to say, that you were able to successfully export with NVENC for two times in a row with 6.1 version, and I assume you were using previously created preset? So with preset (and without calling voukoder's GUI) export is working? Then I found out you connect one monitor to internal videocard (intel) and another to external videocard (nvidia), so you have notebook? Can you try to use voukoder without second monitor? And voukoder hangs when loading (and not unloading) h264_amf, which is AMD hardware encoder. It's really, really strange and I presume maybe, just maybe you were using this version of windows with AMD videocard? And then changed notebook and kept windows? Theese are all IMHOs and maybe I'm digging completely in wrong direction, but!.. :)

    Yes, it finds NVENC! Excellent:) Log attached.

    ArnoldK Super und danke!

    tyf Can you confirm this version…load/6.1/voukoder-6.1.msi is working again?

    Yes, now it works! New 6.1 version now sees old Nvidia cards! Thanks, Vouk, good job! Attaching log.

    Fail again, no NVENC in the list. Log attached. Let the battle continue:)

    P.S. I somehow think maybe we can keep something like in 6.1c version? All encoders are visible and let user decide, which one to use:) But then there will be a lot of crashes, posts on forum like 'I have nvidia with ryzen, why I can't use AMD AMF and Intel QSV?' etc:)) So I don't know really...

    I've ran a few tests with version 6.1c (which shows all encoders), if you select Preset - lossless, Virtualdub crashes, Voukoder shows error. If you select QP=0, everything is fine, but it doesn't seem to be lossless, like with CRF 0 in x264:))

    Do you mean NVENC basically works when using an existing preset, but the encoders are just not listed?

    Maybe somebody else can test this, too

    1. Create an NVENC profile/preset with Voukoder 5
    2. Update to Voukoder 6 (NVENC is not available)
    3. Load the NVENC profile/preset and try to export with it

    Yeah, as I said before, you can export with NVENC, using previously created media encoder profiles. It's just you can't see NVENC in the list, but you can export with it.

    Please try this:

    1. Make sure low level logging is enabled
    2. Download and install this:
    3. Start up your app and check if the encoders appear or not (it's okay if they don't appear)
    4. Open the explorer and go to %LOCALAPPDATA%\Voukoder\Logs
    5. Open the log file with todays date and copy it to the forum / send it to me.
      This file should contain the reason why an encoder could not be loaded

    Sorry, that it's so complicated but unfortunately I don't have such video card.

    Oh, well, let's do it!

    Installed 6.1c - check.

    VirtualDub 1.10 with voukoder. I can see all hardware codecs, like AMD (I have Intel) and QSV (I have old intel 2600k without QSV). And NVENC also visible. Attached screenshot.

    First attempt to export video - alert window "error in Voukoder", failed. Attached log1.txt

    Second attempt to export - success! Attached log2.txt

    Third attempt - success! Attached log3.txt

    So, 2 of 3, it's working somehow:)

    Maybe some old saved profiles of Voukoder cause this? Can you try to delete all saved profiles in Premiere/Media Encoder?

    It's really not about profiles in Adobe, I was testing it in VirtualDub, it's the same.

    Is it fixed in this version again?

    What about this one? Built with SDK 9.0. This should work with GPUs down to Kepler.

    Both are not working, sad... And thanks for all your great work! By the way I wish to thank you for VirtualDub with Voukoder, with ffmpeg import and vobsub plugin for subtitles it become ultimate solution for encoding practically everything! Thanks!

    Thanks for answering! I've ran another test, with ffmpeg 4.3.1. Here is my command

    ffmpeg -i "DSCF6533.MOV" -c:v h264_nvenc -preset hq -profile high -cq 20 "DSCF6533.mp4"

    Everything is fine, ffmpeg 4.3.1 sees NVENC and encoding.

    P.S. GF 760 is still supported, here is the link…decode-gpu-support-matrix

    On the bottom there is green button, to see all supported Geforce videocards:)

    I'm ready to provide more logs, like internal ffmpeg logs, if there are any:)

    I'll try to reinstall drivers and voukoder this way:

    • uninstall Voukoder and connectors
    • uninstall nvidia drivers
    • reboot
    • install nvidia drivers
    • reboot
    • install Voukoder and connectors

    I'll write here results.

    Well, it's all in the title. Adobe Premiere and Media Encoder can't use NVENC with Voukoder 6 on my PC. I was using Voukoder 5 with premiere connector 1.4.0. NVENC was in place, but voukoder started to show tooltips "new version available". I updated drivers to 452.06 coz in release note there was limitation of nvenc to driver version 450 and newer. Then I installed connector 1.5.0 (without uninstalling 1.4.0) and Voukoder 6 (also without uninstalling 5). Now NVENC is gone. It's strange... Maybe I'm missing something?

    P.S. I uninstalled Voukoder 6 and installed 5. Premiere connector 1.5.0. Now everithing is fine, NVENC is in place. So there is some strange problem with new version of Voukoder and my old videocard:) And maybe Windows 7.

    And another addition, I've found log files! Not so much info in them, but there is something.

    So there is clearly problem with NVENC, Voukoder 6 and my PC