No Gamma Tag Feature in Voukoder 13 on DaVinci Resolve

  • Hi, there doesn't appear to be the option for a Colorspace or Gamma tag on the PC version of the Voukoder 13 plugin for DaVinci Resolve. Do you know if there's something additional that needs to be installed on our end? Image attached of what I'm seeing.

    Resolve version is 18.1.5

    Voukoder is v13

  • Vouk

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  • Vouk, do you have it appearing in the latest version of Resolve 18.5.1 for PC?

    Do you think if we do a clean install of the Resolve, would that fix it?


  • dvr issue? Would it be a fix to be done by BlackMagic or on your side?

    Vouk , We constantly use VOukoder to create all our prores like everyone and without the gamma option, it now encodes with a gamma 2.2 for the prores which is not what we are looking for

    Thanks for your fast replies above :)

    edit: dah 'dvr' da vinci resolve.. ok. we should downgrade back until it's fixed on their side

  • Just wanted to follow up on this Vouk - looks like DVR 18.6 was rolled out today, would you be able to check and see if the Gamma Tag bug was fixed?