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    You've probably heard about the mysterious Voukoder successor app I've been working on for years. This application was completely rewritten, and I even made sure I can compile it for both MacOS and Linux as well.

    However, the app called VoukoderPro is currently in beta at best. It works basically, but I haven't added all the functionality (encoders, post processing, ...) yet.

    But I want to give you a chance to test it and I'm curious about your feedback.

    • Is the handling intuitive?
    • What is your impression?
    • What is still missing?
    • What can be improved?
    • What bugs have you noticed?
    • ...

    Currently VoukoderPro supports DaVinci Resolve Studio as well as Adobe Premiere Pro and Media Encoder. Other applications will follow. All components are included in the installer, no more external connectors are needed. You can also install it parallel to the current Voukoder.


    P.S.: A good start is to open the designer and do "Scene > New > Simple".

    P.P.S.: Please create one new topic for each issue you find in the beta version.

    Download here: Downloads & Instructions

    Version history

    • Added first VEGAS Pro plugin version (VEGAS Pro 20.0 only)

    • Fixed opening the Designer from within an NLE
    • Fixed minor bugs
    • Updated exp. date to end of september 2023

    • Added AfterEffects Plugin
    • Fixed save-bug
    • Minor improvements

    • Digitally signed all binaries compiled by me
    • Digitally signed the MSI package
    • Added a "Latest News" dialog window

    • Migrated to Qt6
    • Fixed issues with audio only scenes

    • Fixed handling filter graphs with multiple output nodes

    • Initial beta release
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    Opened the thread.
  • I posted this in a wrong thread... So, repeating here - sorry, please delete it in the Voukoder 13 thread.

    I installed and tested it with DaVinci. Looks good, very intuitive, I found no troubles with installation, settings, and understanding.

    But here is an important question. In the front-end interface in DaVinci 16bit ProRes appeared. But in the back-end, only 10bit is still available. Does it mean that 12\16-bit ProRes output is in development? Can we expect it?

    P.S. I saw your message that BMs did not answer your question in the forum. By experience, they are very supportive actually, but any kind of forum questions can be easily missed. If you need some info from BM team and did not try to contact the support directly, I would highly recommend to do it.

  • hi! i can see only hardware encoding options for h.264 in encoder properties. is it right?

    and after I saved the scene I was no longer able to open designer in premiere.

    i can make changes outside premiere only. and i can change only saved scenes in premiere.

  • I can reproduce this. I'll investigate...

    Please test this if it is fixed with version 0.6.

    now its fixed - i can open it again. but am i right - this app is only for hw encoding? or will there be other options later?

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    software encoding h.264 with СRF and all other options that were in voukoder13. not nvenc.

    I'm discussing this now.

    P.S.: I've added first VEGAS Pro 20.0 support to 0.7.

  • I've added first VEGAS Pro 20.0 support to 0.7.

    Hmmm . . . Voukoder Pro isn't shown in the renderer list (see screenshot). I'm using Vegas Pro 20.0 build 411.

    Uninstalled, reinstalled. No change.

    Also found VoukoderPro.aex and VoukoderPro.prm files in the root folder of one of my bulk storage drives (I:) which was odd. They were placed there today when I installed VoukoderPro v0.7, judging from the timestamps.

    And all audio and video streams in the output test files from Scene Designer are flagged as Swedish. Even when you manually enable the language flag for each stream and set it to English etc.

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  • Regarding the installer: Can you test if this fixes the issue?

    • VoukoderPro is still not available in the Vegas 20 render list. Tried uninstalling, reinstalling, rebooting, etc. Tried with the default installation settings, and also tried the options to install everything.
    • VoukoderPro.aex no longer appears in the root folder.
    • VoukoderPro.prm still appears in the root folder of a bulk storage drive (drive I:) which has no role in my operating system. There are multiple bulk drives available in the system, but it prefers Drive I:. If I remove drive I: from the system, VoukoderPro.prm instead appears in the root folder of my boot drive C:.