VoukoderPro - Free for all?

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    When I posted the "Take a look into the future of voukoder" tweet on twitter yesterday a voukoder user asked me "Is the 'Pro' part implying pay2use?". To make it clear:

    • No, I don't want everyone have to pay to use the app
    • I also don't want to provide a limited feature set that makes it impossible to export anything without paying a fee to get you the functionality you need to export a simple video.

    But currently there are 56000 active users/month using voukoder and we have exactly 16 supporters on patreon (Big shoutout to you, guys!!), but unfortuantely that's not enough for a living.

    So there is the question: Is there a better, proper and fair way to finance all of this? I might not be able to have a regular day job and do all the voukoder work in my spare time / weekends / holidays in the future. I'd like to hand this question over to you - the voukoder users: Do you have a realistic idea or suggestion on how this could be financed?

    Edit: I'll watch this thread for a while and collect ideas and opinions before posting a reply.

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    Changed the title of the thread from “The Future of Voukoder (Part 2)” to “VoukoderPro - Free for all?”.
  • I think paying to unlock full features is reasonable (I've donated twice so far... after I used Voukoder and found it was beneficial for me).

    The world of video is full of expensive things, a great resource like Voukoder at a low price should be an easy choice for many users.