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    I think AV1 is still too early, shoukd wait for it become mature and get more format supports (I'm not sure current state, at least wait for support in yuv4:4:4 4:2:2 and 4:2:0, and a bunch of instruction sets)

    I use it for basic editing, CD ripping, extraction & converting. compare the quality of Audition with Pro Tools & other pro DAW here:

    Sorry for previous probably offensive comment, just had a bad sleep

    I didn't realize you were not talking about exporting, but just saying after lots of attempts, export a lossless version and use QAAC -a 320 does give the best quality in lossy audio among all other options

    For importing, the best way for now is to convert your lossless source file to another lossless file that Audition supports, it depends on Adobe to consider adding any codec support so I recommend you to leave a feedback on Adobe forum and Audition subreddit:sleeping:

    So you're saying that MainConcept products are horrible? So the MainConcept MP3 encoder is horrible too!

    Guys, if Audition users donate to Voukoder, does he develops FFmpeg import plug-in?

    That aac encoder is horrible because it destroys your high pitch audio profile, and there are lots of distorsions in mid range, QAAC is way better

    I don't know who made this aac encoder but if that is the quality it offers then that MP3 encoder would be sub par

    Can you tell what's the reason Audition requires a output plugin support? I would just output .wav and then compress it

    On obs studio u have to choose a filter, even if i'm not downscale/upscale. Then maybe i selected it but not using it at all? I heard lanczos not much better

    that's upscaling/downscaling filter, make sure you record resolution is same as output resolution, it's in the settings-video tab, in your case both are supposed to be 1920x1080 (the filter process will be ignored then)

    You,can also change recording fps on there, that's why I asked you does Twitch allow you to record in 57fps lol

    I've studied video encoding as a hobbit for 4 years, and unfortunately I've eventually found you get what you paid

    the best way to get small file size, decent quality and speed all together, you need bare minimum a ryzen 3600x or i7 8700k running x264 with low latency ram, and that's the baseline acceptible you are looking for

    but that may offer a good quality, it's not going to be the case on file size, if you dare want extra 40% size reduction, get 10 cups of coffee or upgrade your CPU

    how about x265? well, you can get 3fps on a 3800x / 9900ks for a 65% size reduction, but if you use is's potential for the best file size and quality, x265 will beat down a 3970x into a 6fps snail

    Disney had a house sized expensive video rendering supercomputer, and it take weeks to sqeeze out a clip movie, it's very difficult to compress and render video, you can't judt cheat through

    because there is no such thing,

    if you want speed and quality, you get huge file size;

    if you want file size and quality, you get very low speed

    if you want high speed and file size, you get bad quality

    especially if you are using a budget computer

    uh... yeah... but... there's no such thing to get good quality and concerning file size with a push of button, unless you are going lossless (and buy an enterprise SSD to spped things up:whistling:)

    (or watch video on a smaller mobile phone screen XD)

    try to remove bicubic filter (not sure why you are having a filter) and make color depth to full instead of partial, that will improve your quality

    my avatar in a touhou project character in a IOSYS flash music video:whistling:

    Later when you upgraded encoding CPU to 2700 in 4Ghz or 3800x default with RAM under CL16 latency in 3200mhz, I guess you can boost subme to 7~10 range, and use other parameters like no-fast-pskip=1, after all these you can bump bitrate from 7777 to 7800, this should give a much better quality at hard scenes

    Youtube compresses your video, so the bestquality you can get is to upload original project output or give enough size of the file in a lossy compression, so the video would only be compressed once

    also qp27 is way too much quality drop, consider qp17

    for lossless, use cineform (not sure how to do that)

    for the smallest file size possible, use hevc yuv4:4:4, its in voukoder but for now you have to manually input a hundred settings in this post

    for the minimal lossy quality, use apple prores 422

    for speed/lossless, buy a RTX 2000 or higher series hard, use built in hardware encoder on the Turing/Amplere or higher chip

    for no visible lossy quality and convinience, use x264 yuv4:4:4, which is in voukoder

    for speed without concerning visible loss, buy a GTX 1000 card, use built in Pascal hardware encoder

    Yes and I love the fact that on non-movement scenes the bitrate is lower, without losing quality. But on hard scenes don't know if the quality beat nvenc.

    edit: I'll test 900p with your preset today, maybe I can go higher then veryfast.

    edit2: why not profile high? just asking

    profile is just a limiter of how much value can be used for most parameters, default not set

    CPU profile is actually called 'preset' in encoder include x264, it's just a set of parameter that can be override by manual input parameters, default is medium

    I went full custom, so they basically are not set, but you definitely can try if it benefits

    Nope, Nvidia didn't win this, the quality roughly lies down here:

    Lossless > Apple Prores 422 > CRF > CRF+VBR > RTX Nvidia GPU > ABR > GTX Nvidia GPU > CBR > ...

    Right now you are using CRF+VBR right?

    I've reinstalled the Premiere now. Also connector and plugin itself. As soon as I save new preset it becomes doing these freezes. Anyway I can debug it further? Adobe Premiere 2019 just hangs and then windows says it is not responding. I tried a lot of time loading AP2019 without saved preset and it was working fine. When I saved the preset, closed the AP2019, opened it, tried to export media and bang. frozen.

    uhhh, do a harddrive health check just to make sure it's not dying, be quick as if it is the problem then you need backup files asap

    That question actually lies in a triangle, like fast, goodquality and smallfile, you can only pick 2 points at a time and the 3rd point would become the opposite, if you pick in the middle then it would be the default quality, speed and filesize, which is also meh, so the best option is actually to upgrade your CPU, so you can unlock the 3rd dimension (a tetrahydron lol), the new point would be the computing power, which allow you to use extensive compressions, so more quality can be packed within the same bitrate

    also, x264 can easily eat off 90% of a 9900k or a 3900x and still give a 10fps speed, and I disabled lots of options in the parameters for you just to keep a 60fps speed:whistling:

    ABR does give a much faster speed (designed for fast encode in 90s' hardware), but the quality it gives might not match with a RTX 2000 series card's hardware encoder in the same bitrate, and VBR focus on quality as long as you are in the bitrate line, and it's too slow on a 4 core CPU, until thanks to AMD made 8 core CPUs as a performance standard

    There are other settings can do, try add/change “ me_range=14 trellis=1 deadzone-inter=8 deadzone-intra=4 bframes=3 aq-mode=0 nr=25 ” “ Bitrate: 7850kbps ”

    Also you may need to turn off “ tune: film ” as “ tune: none ” that could turn off some functions that boosts foliage scene quality, which might have caused you to drop frames

    and there is a setting can free a lot of CPU usage and boosts quality, but it might generate too much bitrate that actually downs quality, test with caution XD “ mbtree=0 ”

    and yeah, definitely overclock your CPU, it should be more stable because there's no graphic card dragging the PSU and generating hot air in the case:whistling: