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    Hi Vouk

    I'm sending you a screen recording and also a small project made in VEGAS Pro 19.

    In this project I created a ProRes file with alpha channel which is correctly recognized in VEGAS Pro 19.

    For this I used an extension made specifically for VEGAS Pro created by an external developer who also uses ffmpeg.

    In the settings I selected, look mainly at the ffmpeg command line:

    ffmpeg -y -i <inAVS> -i <inTempWav> -map 0:v -map 1:a -c:v prores_ks -profile:v 4 -c:a pcm_s16le <outFile>.mov

    As I don't know how to interpret FFMPEG command lines very well, you are the ideal person for this.

    Maybe what you're looking for is on that command line.

    The Screen Record and the project are in this link bellow:

    ProRes 4444 Alpha to Voukoder.rar
    Shared with Dropbox

    Hope this helps somehow!



    If possible, in future, please add the following audio containers:

    to AC3 audio encoder = (.ac3) container

    to EAC-3 DD+ audio encoder = (.eac3) container

    to DTS audio encoder = (.dts) container

    to ALAC audio encoder = (.m4a) container

    They will be very useful in cases where only the audio will be rendered. Of all these audio containers, the container (.ac3) is perhaps one of the most needed in video and audio editing. It is one of the most used in DVD, BluRay and video streaming production.

    Hi Vouk

    The screen recording I have attached shows in detail what takes place. Check it out when possible. I believe it will make you understand better.

    VEGAS now have native support for ProRes 4444 with alpha channel has been added and everything works fine when I use this option to export videos with alpha channel and re-import to the VEGAS timeline.

    But the files are huge and rendering is very slow when the alpha channel is enabled. Voukoder is more faster and generates much smaller files. So it's worth waiting to see Voukoder alpha channel working properly in VEGAS.

    Thanks again for working on this. Your encoder is very useful. Much better than MAGIX encoders.

    Hi Vouk

    Thank you so much for working on it.

    I did a little test on Vegas Pro 19. I rendered only the text of the timeline with transparent background using Voukoder with new alpha channel models.

    The transparent background is created, but when adding the video to the timeline the text of the video is not displayed even with the Alpha Channel Strainght (Unmatted) option enabled in Properties/Media.

    Only the Alpha channel Premultiplied option in Properties/Media displays the text of the video, but the colors and transparency are changed in this mode.

    If you wish, my full screen recording with this test can be downloaded from this link:

    Voukoder for VEGAS - Alpha Channel Test.rar
    Shared with Dropbox

    Hi Vouk

    If possible, an option in Voukoder to render only audio in Vegas. The screenshot below is just a suggestion.

    In Premiere, you can choose render only video or audio in the rendering templates panel.

    In Vegas, is not possible choose render only audio in the render templates panel, even if the all video events or the all video track are disabled.

    When all video events are disabled in menu Options/Mute All Video, the voukoder is displayed in the render templates panel, but it doesn't render just audio, it also renders a black video.

    When all video tracks are disabled Voukoder is not displayed in the encoder list in the rendering templates panel.


    Some free apps that use FFMPEG (Handbracke, VLC, AviDemux, XVid4PSP, Xmedia Record and others) already have this option natively.

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    XMedia Recod uses a filter called "Subtitle" to burn subtitles directly into the video.

    The downside to using these applications is that you have to do two processing. The first is the processing of the project's video in the main editing software and then you need to do a new processing to burn the subtitles into the video using one of these applications.

    The advantage of this option in Voukoder is that the external subtitle will be burned directly into the project video, avoiding a second rendering.

    I still use this encoder to produce DVD and BluRay.

    The most current versions of Vegas Pro, Premiere and Media Encoder still have the MPEG-2 encoder, but no longer have the Dolby Digital AC3 audio option that is needed to avoid re-recoding in software that are used for DVD and Bluray authoring (DVD Arachitect and Adobe Media Encore). This hampers and delays the process of creating and authoring DVd and BluRay.

    This option will be very useful as it will now be possible again to encode MPEG-2 with AC3 audio using Voukoder in the latest versions of Vegas Pro, Premiere and Media Encoder.

    Thank you very much for this option!

    The ProRes YUVA 4:4:4 (10bit) option which does processing with alpha channel (transparent background) does not work in VEGAS pro. The video is processed correctly, but the alpha channel is not generated. I believe this is a problem in VEGAS as this option works correctly in Adobe Premiere and After effects.

    Sometimes I have this problem in Vegas Pro 14 with Bandicam files. When this occurs enough go to in the project properties and redefine the frame rate, even if it is for the frame rate that is already defined in the project.

    For example: If you record your video of the OBS at 29,970 fps, when you add this video to the Vegas Pro timeline, the project will normally assume the properties of the video and you can edit it normally. But if you're going to use Voukoder to render the video, you'll need to go to the project's properties first and reset the frame rate to 29,970. The reason for that I can't explain, but it works here. Maybe this will work for you too.

    I think vegas recognizes the Bandicam and OBS files as being a variable frame rate (VFR) and that is why the error occurs when rendering, which is always a constant frame rate. Perhaps that is why changing the frame rate on project properties solves this problem. Doing this Vegas interprets the project as constant frame rate (CFR).

    Hi Vouk

    In the Tools menu of Vegas Pro there are the options Render to New Track and Selectively Prerender Video that use video encoders present in Vegas in the intermediate rendering process. The Voukoder encoder is not listed in any of these options. Is it possible to add Voukoder to these Vegas options?

    Tools/Render to New Track Option

    Tools/Selectively Prerender Video Option



    Hi Vouk

    The main reason for making this request is that my current workflow involves creating captions on 90% of jobs. I usually create subtitles in the editing software (Premiere, Vegas) and then export them to the format (.srt) and edit those subtitles in the Aegisub software and save them in the format (.ass). The Aegisub software allows you to create incredible animation effects in subtitles.

    If the file (.ass) created in Aegisub is in the same folder as the video file, the animated subtitles will be played normally in most video players, but not in all. Therefore, it is often necessary to record the subtitle directly on the video. Unfortunately, Premiere and Vegas have not yet been able to import this type of subtitles into the project or burn directly in the video during rendering.

    It is necessary to first render the Premiere or Vegas project and then import the rendered video into HandBake and add the subtitle file (.ass) and make a new rendering to burn this type of subtitle on the video.

    Ideally, encoders should have the option of importing external subtitles and recording the video to be rendered, but that is not the case.

    Vegas has an alternative method that uses HandBrake to Render the timeline project and, using this method it is possible to add (.ass) subtitles and burn them directly on the video. The disadvantage is that rendering can only be done in .mp4 and m4v formats. Another disadvantage is that this method is not available for Premiere.

    If this option of importing and recording subtitles (.ass) created in Aegisub is added to Voukoder, it will be possible to use all the video formats available in Voukoder both in Premiere and in Vegas which will be something really useful since you will only need a single rendering .

    I have attached a screen recording showing the step by step using Vegas and I am also sending the project used if you want to use it in your tests if you are interested in adding this option to Voukoder.…0Project%20%2001.rar?dl=0

    Hi Vouk

    I have a feature suggestion:

    The ability to "burn in" external .srt and .aas subtitles in the rendered video.

    Normally the .srt or .aas file must have the same name and be in the same folder as the video file to be viewed on the player.

    This feature permanently burns the subtitles in the video file and it is no longer necessary to have the .srt or .aas file in order to view the subtitles.

    In Premiere and Vegas this feature it can be used to burn the external caption directly in the timeline project during rendering.

    So far Handbrake is one of the only software I know of that can do that.

    I tested the Voukoder connector 1.1.0 on Vegas Pro 17 with a project containing 5.1 channel audio.

    The rendering of Voukoder is correct. Here Media info shows 6 channels in the final file rendered by Voukoder.

    But Vegas Pro 17.0 has a bug in the So4compoundplug plug-in that causes AAC 5.1 audio channels to be imported into separate individual channels on the timeline.

    If the So4compoundplug plug-in is disabled in the internal preferences, the old Compoundplug plug-in will be used and will import the AAC 5.1 audio channels correctly in the timeline.