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    It is an overclock issue. Caught me off guard.

    BIGGIE is that the if PPro or the plugin crashes, you can't get to the log file. Really want that old txt file backin $TEMP.

    Hold up it may just be my computer overclocking. Done hours of x264 at this setting, not seen it at this Ghz before.


    x264 2 pass encoding, consistent crash but since there isn't a log file, can't give you any more info. Really can't tell you how much I can suggest the plugin go back to keeping a log file in $TEMP.

    I'm going to go back and try it with 1.2.1

    Wow forgot about that. Even my Win 10 still the classic look and I have nearly every single "pretty display" feature disabled. I just want speed.

    Thank you for taking the time on this. I tell ya, my eyes hurt going to all those rounded edges, shading and coloring. Couldn't wait to switch back after confirming it really was the theme.

    OH my, how do make it not classic :) I had to enable Theme server (had it disabled). I have tried to maintain the same look since Windows NT 3.51 ... and that's going back quite a few years.

    >> Secondly How in the World did you think about switching to Classic to find it? I would have never thought a Desktop can mess things up like this.

    Anyway, confirmed it now works for me too.

    2.0.6 preview for me still fails Win 7, CC 2015 and CS6. CS6 is a bit slower to crash but will happen on 2nd instance of the right things are poked. Same behavior (no change) from 2.0.5. Attached is a screen grab after 2nd entry into Configure and accessing Video panel (I think same as 2.0.5 but may tell you something). Reason I attach is that you'll notice that the dialog when mouse over sort of half refreshes. If I try to scroll or fiddle with the dialog, it crashes. Hope this may give you some idea. The initial/usual view is total blank.


    >> I confirm the problem. On Windows 8.1 in Premiere 2018, the export window can only be launched once after updating the Voukoder plugin When you restart the export window just does not appear

    This is a different problem, I think, but I am seeing this inability to launch File->Export->Media (grey'd out) on a Sequence that I had done an export on previously.

    moved aside Presets directory and created new one so nothing from 1.x would affect the plugin. No change in failure.

    Could there be a file/directory protection issue? What new location are you saving the log file to? Any other new/different folders is 2.x writing to than 1.x?

    Windows 7, 2015, GTX 950. Fails with x264 and NVENC. Seems way too basic a failure. 1.x plugin works fine, have it commented out (changed file type from prm -> prmx) when testing 2.x.

    With 2.x not showing 1.x presets, I assume I don't have to hide them from the preset folder. I don't know what other cleanup I need to do.

    Is there a 1.x -> 2.x upgrade FAQ?

    Even simpler. With CC 2015 I don't have any profiles saved. Enter plugin (everything default at x264). Click configure, click video (everything default) click OK. Click configure, click video, BOOM. It does sometimes take 2-4 times but it will crash.

    I mis-spoke. I can get the log copy to clipboard as long as I immediately switch Settings/log instead anything else. Don't see anything unusual.

    BTW, failure happens with NVENC or x264. In the x264 case, all I did was setup/save configuration and then clicked on Video tab again.

    Fails same or worse with CC 2015

    I have plugin for CC 2015 in C:\Program Files\Adobe\Common\Plug-ins\7.0\MediaCore\VoukoderR2.prm

    >> Do I need to clear out something?

    [11:02:52] Voukoder 2.0.5

    [11:02:52] by Daniel Stankewitz

    [11:02:52] ---------------------------------------------

    [11:02:52] Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770K CPU @ 3.50GHz

    [11:02:52] 8 logical cores

    [11:02:52] 16264 MB system memory

    [11:02:52] GPU #0: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950

    [11:02:52] User is an administrator.

    [11:02:52] ---------------------------------------------

    [11:02:52] Loading: translations/english.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: translations/german.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: translations/french.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: encoders/aac.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: encoders/ac3.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: encoders/alac.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: encoders/ffv1.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: encoders/flac.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: encoders/h264_nvenc.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: encoders/hevc_nvenc.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: encoders/libfdk_aac.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: encoders/libmp3lame.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: encoders/libopus.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: encoders/libvorbis.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: encoders/libvpx.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: encoders/libvpx-vp9.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: encoders/libx264.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: encoders/libx265.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: encoders/pcm_s16le.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: encoders/pcm_s24le.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: encoders/pcm_s32le.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: encoders/prores_ks.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: muxers/matroska.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: muxers/mov.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: muxers/mp4.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: muxers/webm.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: muxers/mp3.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: muxers/opus.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: muxers/ogg.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: muxers/flac.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: muxers/adts.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: muxers/wav.json