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    I don't have Premiere to test with but if that's i416 format, I imagine the quality is pretty good. Hopefully some of the other NLEs will come across with similar support. Fwiw, I've also been studying frameserver output into ffmpeg and qsvencc and it seems to have the same feed as you, get getting similar quality with a v210 format from Vegas.

    Why not solicit financial support from the commercial NLE companies who are benefiting financially from the added value your Pro plugin might add to their platforms?

    Alternatively, if your plan includes tapping into ffmpeg6 decoding, your Pro product could have a stand-alone mode for transcoding . With options for 64-bit data width tapping into ffmpeg6 avx512 and/or double-precision math. You might be able to sell a small connector app within the constraints of ffmpeg licensing if it only taps into the free library used by your free plugin. Or work out commercial ffmpeg licensing for the connector app if that's the way Resolve Studio does it.

    I explained how to do it on the Vegas forum here. Works the same way with Resolve 18 Studio. Win11 22h2 adds Specific Gpu to the Windows settings without reference to power saving.

    Btw, ffmpeg.exe v5 also works like that but only for decoding with Intel or Amd. Ffmpeg,exe ignores the Win setting for encoders which I detect from the command line like this:

    ffmpeg -encoders | findstr "qsv"

    More for qsv h264 and hevc on my various systems with igpus, which I use allot. But right now your 11.1 plugin is the only tool I've got to do av1 or vp9 hardware encoding with the a380 whose quality metrics compare very favorably to slower software encoding.

    Here's the Voukoder dialog/codecs I get on a 9900k/uhd630/Radeon7 system with Voukoder 11.1 running Vegas 20:

    The Intel Qsv stuff goes away if I update to 11.3.2. Same deal on my 11900k/Arc380/6900xt system except I see more qsv with 11.1... adds qsv av1 and qsv vp9. But only if I point windows to Intel in display/graphics entries for the host app... set either to power saving (win10) or specific gpu (latest win11). When I run ffmpeg 5.1 itself, it is only influenced by the windows setting for decoding, not encoding. It just doesn't have av1_qsv and vp9_qsv but it's got the other 2 encoders no matter what the windows setting is.

    Thanks. Also, for some reason not seeing h264_qsv or hevc_qsv encoders on my systems with uhd630 or uhd750 igpus if I install 11.3.2. But they do show up if I install 11.1. Can also encode with them in Win releases of ffmpeg 5.1 from gyan and btbn.

    Just tried Voukoder 11.1-IntelARC with an Intel Arc a380 board and was able to do hardware renders for AV1(Intel QSV) in both Vegas 20 and Resolve18 Studio. But not with 11.3.2. Curious what ffmpeg is used for 11.1... I cannot find an ffmpeg with "av1_qsv" as an encoder... only as a decoder in 5.1-full.

    Unfortunately hevc lossless does not seem to be implemented in Voukoder even though it is implemented perfectly in ffmpeg with a transcode script such as this:

    ffmpeg -i "INFILE.MOV" -c:v libx265 -x265-params lossless=1 "OUTFILE.MOV"

    x264 cannot actually achieve lossless. It's lossless setting is close but ProRes422 is generally a little better quality, faster rendering, and smaller. MagicYUV is another possible option.

    Tried the 9.4rc1 "HEVC (Intel QSV)" codec with no other dialog changes in Vegas 19 and it rendered fine showing substantial Intel decoder utilization in Task Manager. That selection does not appear in my 9.3 dialog. The system I tested 9.4rc1 has a 9900k cpu with a Radeon VII gpu. The system still running 9.3 in which the selection did not appear is an 11900k with a 5700xt.