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  • I still have clients who want BluRay disks. I have tried checking the BluRay compatibility box in Voukoder dialog, but even with that set, rendered output is re-rendered by my BR authoring program. I use TMPGENC Authoring Works, version What setting should I use to eliminate the re-rendering?

    Thank you in advance.

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  • Are you using NVENC or x264 for encoding? I can give you example settings for both. Are you trying to import 720p or 1080p? Frame rate?

    Note that the TMPGEnc "RE" marker will appear for all files that it can't use directly. You can left mouse click on the RE and an info box will come up to show what video stream parameters are not compatible, then adjust the Voukoder setting accordingly. Most common is to ensure you're at level 4.0 ML/HP.

  • avwtp, thank you.

    I would like to try both NVENC and X.264. If you would please share the settings for both, I would truly appreciate it.

    [edit] I have a 2.5 hour program, so have to set the bitrate properly.

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  • Are you using PPro? and what level? I have attached the .epr files that I use for PPro 2020 with Voukoder 9.2. I use them with NVidia 1050 and 950 with driver level 452.06.

    I confirmed that files I generate with these presets import correctly (without recode) into TMPGEnc Authorworks 6 for BluRay.