Voukoder not render 5.1 channel audio in Vegas

  • In the audio configuration page there is no option for 5.1 channel audio.

    I tried to do a test with 5.1 audio, but only the options 1 channel and 2 channels appears, even though the Vegas project properties are set to 5.1 channels and the Voukoder template is set to (Use Project Settings).

    Apparently it is only possible to render mono and stereo audio in this version of Voukoder in Vegas Pro.

    In previous versions of voukoder there was no "audio configuration page", but it was possible to render 5.1 audio just by setting the project properties of Vegas to 5.1 in audio section , and voukoder automatically applied the project properties to the rendered video.

  • Due to this problem I had to revert to Voukoder 3.0 with vegas-connector-0.5.1 because in this version Voukoder will use the Project Properties to do the Render. Just set the Project Properties in Vegas to 5.1 audio and the Voukoder rendering will take place correctly.

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    I can not get the SDK to accept more than 2 channels. I'll get an error message each time.

    I was actually happy with using the project settings, but people required to have a switch to disable audio and this is basically conflicting with eachother.

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  • Until MAGIX updates the SDK of Vegas to allow for More than Two Audio Channels, I don't see a problem using the project settings again. When the user wants to disable the audio, just use the MUTE option on the project's audio tracks before rendering.

  • I wanted the feature to render without audio. I was using this for testing only.

    If I need to choose what to have at the end -- 5.1 or ability to render video only, I'd choose 5.1 for sure.

  • Could you advice, was the issue fixed in recent versions of connector?


    UPDATE: NVM, I checked Vegas Connector version 1.0.0 and the issue is still there. Only Mono and Stereo available.

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    I will revert the connector to the 0.6 version style. The settings will be taken from the project settings only and there won't be an audio configuration panel anymore. It will be the next task for me once I feel better.

  • Thank you Vouk

    I think it will be better that way. Voukoder is a great encoder. What I like most about it is that it has excellent quality and rendering speed and does not need Frame Server to work.

    I hope you are in good health and if you are not, I will be rooting for your recovery.

    Thank you very much for your work and effort!

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    Joelson_Forte Thanks, I hope it will be better soon.

    Meanwhile ... Can you please test this (VEGAS Pro 18 only)?


    If it's working properly i'll change VEGAS Pro 17 too.

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    I successfully tested Voukoder Connector 0.9.11 on Vegas Pro 18.0 Build 284.

    Rendering occurs correctly on videos that have audio with 2 channels Stereo and also on videos that have audio with 5.1 channels Surround.

    When placing the rendered files on the Timeline to make a comparison assessment, you can see that they are perfectly synchronized and aligned with the original file.

    I am sending my screen recording with the test I did, in case you need to make any important observations. If you need any more information, just ask.


    Please, if possible, make the connector 0.9.11 also work in versions 12-17. Although VEGAS Pro is at version 18.0 I still use version 14.0 a lot because of its stability and performance.

    Congratulations! Great Work!

    Thank you very much

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  • I successfully tested on Vegas pro 14.0 the Voukoder Connector 1.1.0 for the older VEGAS versions (12-17).

    Rendering occurs correctly on videos that have audio with 2 channels Stereo and also on videos that have audio with 5.1 channels Surround.

    The problem of audio 5.1 as fixed.


  • I just tested Connector 1.1.0 on Vegas Pro 17.0. The audio of the 5.1 surround project is encoded as 2-channel stereo, all 6 channels are mixed in the stereo channel. MediaInfo reports "Channel(s): 2 channels" but also does report another line with "Channel(s)_Original: 6 channels" and the next line "Channel positions: Front: L C R, Side: L R,LFE". So there is still hope ...

  • Interestingly, when I place the rendered clip back on the timeline of Vegas Pro, I do get 6 audio tracks under the video track, playing the 6 distinct surround channels. There seems to occur some mixing somewhere.