Fails to render the correct aspect ratio in Davinci Resolve

  • I have started to try using this tool in Davinci Resolve 17.1. One thing I have noticed it, no matter what settings I use, it fails to encode non square pixels correctly. With all settings in DR set to 16x9, Voukoder will alway encode it as 4x3.

    It would be great if this could be addressed.

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  • Thank you for the quick response.

    On early testing that does seem to have fixed it. Although interestingly in one test to create a Bluray compliant mp4 the aspect ratio in TMPGEnc Authoring came up as 64:45 and so would therefore need re-rendering. However in Mediainfo it was correct, so quite strange. As a matter of interest a VP9 file was correct in Mediainfo and TMPGEnc (of course only for the aspect ratio of 16x9).

    So I will need to do further testing on Bluray MP4's.

    Thanks again

  • Hello,

    have voukoder installed in DVR 17. With a ratio of 1920x1080 everything works.

    If I set to 1440x1080 I get defective image content.

    What am I doing wrong?