A better AAC encoder: FDK-AAC

  • It would be nice if you added ability to use Apple CoreAudio AAC. I'm sure its possible to do since OBS does this too (when its installed on system).

    Any updates on this matter and if it's possible to add support for it? Sure would help to streamline things a little bit, for me at least.

  • Thank you for this info! I used to compile FFMPEG with fdk aac built in and I was considering doing this again until I saw your post here.

    Which profile are you using for 03-AAC-ffmpg_CBR_384? Low complexity?

    Is this still one of the best audio encoders you've found that works with Voukoder?

  • I just use QAAC's cvbr mode for best compression and quality possible among 99.9% of audio encoders:

    qaac64.exe --cvbr 320 -b 16 -r 44100 --threading -o "output.aac" "input.wav"

    Sometimes I have to lower the cbvr bitrate (e.g., --cvbr 256 for 256Kbps) to make the export compatible with some audio sharing platforms.

    HE-AAC does offer more compression, in QAAC it allows a maximum of 80Kbps, which butchers the audio quailty, though