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    Reviving this very old thread as it's still relevant, I would enjoy a way to be able to use alternative encoders using Vouk as a wrapper, e.g. like how I can use alternative AAC encoders in foobar2000.

    Is there any possibility to include options to hook into Nero, Apple, FDK/FHG or QAAC DLLs for more advanced audio encoding, or is support limited to what's in FFmpeg core?

    I've also had a thought - as I understand it from my own limited use of x265 in Voukoder, the encoder will attempt to render at the most widely-compatible settings possible. For example, if you enable High profile, it will still use Main unless it cannot encode your combination of settings. If you don't enable High, it will not encode if it cannot do so using Main tier.

    Perhaps you are using Main tier and specifying a bit rate above 25 Mbit/sec or 4K at higher than 30 fps? That would force Main tier, Level 5.1. See…o_Coding_tiers_and_levels


    1. open Premiere CC 2019, import media to new project, produce final edit. Working resolution 1920x1080 throughout.
    2. Export Media, choose Format: Voukoder. Preset: Custom previous settings are remembered and recalled by Premiere.
    3. Go through Voukoder tabs, first changing audio codec and bit rate, then changing video format to x265.
    4. Check video codec options and amend (Preset, Tuning, Enable High-Tier, Strategy and CRF).
    5. Check Filters tab - two properties still present including one to scale output to 960x540; use Remove button to delete them.
    6. Save Adobe encoder export preset
    7. Encode the three minute video, which takes almost an hour :D
    8. Play back rendered video - it has been cropped to the top-left 960x540 pixels.


    Hi Vouk, sorry I didn't reply sooner -- my computer mainboard managed to completely fry my CPU, and I've only just managed to fit a new mainboard and CPU. (An expensive job...)

    I'll PM you a link to a shared folder with some clips in - two ProRes files clipped from the source files (no reencoding), and a sample file showing a successful bwdif deinterlace of another clip using ffmpeg on the commandline.

    Hi Vouk

    Indeed. When I've been frameserving, Debugmode Frameserver provides no output video option, so you export a 1080i25 proxy and process with ffmpeg. (Confirmed with MediaInfo.)

    That proxy .avi is referenced with an incredibly simple .avs to work around an ffmpeg issue



    Then ffmpeg produces the 50p output with bwdif deinterlacing:

    ffmpeg.exe -i "F:\project\frameserver.avs" -vf "bwdif" -c:v libx264 -preset slow -crf 18 -pix_fmt yuv420p -c:a aac -b:a 320k "F:\project\output\output-1080p50.mp4"

    Which works as expected.

    Incidentally, I was also doing some more complex processing to produce lower resolution preview clips which also worked fine, e.g.

    ffmpeg -i "F:\project\frameserver.avs" -vf "bwdif,scale=960:-1:flags=spline,unsharp=3:3:0.5:3:3:0.0" -c:v libx264 -tune film -crf 18 -preset slow -maxrate 3M -bufsize 1.5M -profile:v high -pix_fmt yuv420p -c:a aac -b:a 320k "F:\project\output\clip-960x540p50-crf18-3mbit.mp4"

    However the HQ clips I was simply trying to encode to MP @L4.2 or L5.0, CRF 18, with bwdif doing the 50p output. Is this a possible filter issue...?

    Or is this not even possible exporting directly from Premiere?

    If Premiere is expecting to directly render a 25i file, while Voukoder is attempting to generate a 1080p50 file (due to Yadif or bwdif filter rendering a frame for every input field), I can foresee a potential conflict. Likewise, if Premiere thinks it should be directly exporting a 1080p50 file, I wonder if it's going to improperly serve video frames to Voukoder and attempt to create the file incorrectly...

    I defer to your knowledge though, I've never written a plugin for Premiere :)

    This is a really useful feature for me so I'm happy to help however I can.

    I can send examples of the same content exported debugmode+ffmpeg 1080i25 to bwdif 1080p50, and Voukoder 1080i25 to bwdif 1080p50, if it would be useful / if you're interested.

    I have a project which is 25i in Premiere CC2019 which I want to render out as 50 fps bwdif deinterlaced (for better temporal quality). I am NOT interpreting my footage in Premiere, everything is interlaced on the timeline.

    At export, I set my Export settings to 50p, and using Voukoder 4.1 I want to encode as deinterlaced 50p using the bwdif filter.

    I expected the process to be:

    1. set the Premiere Export video settings as 50p progressive
    2. in Voukoder -> Video -> Filters, choose bwdif, set the parameters deint=all, mode=send_field,parity=auto (the source footage is TFF).
    3. Encode a 50 fps file.

    However, doing this, I get a file which is encoded as 50p, but each video frame is doubled (like a PsF file), so it's double the duration of the audio. There is also 'flutter' at the top of the screen, an indication the deinterlacing is not being done correctly.

    Unsurpsigingly, a 2x playback rate shows the video at correct speed, albeit with frame flutter at the top of the image. I can see the field jumps from bad interpolation if I step through frame by frame. The same happens if I enable the Yadif filter. It does not happen if I use ffmpeg to bwdif deinterlace to 50p using frameserving.

    If I change my Export settings to 25 fps TFF in Premiere, using the same deinterlacing settings in Voukoder, the output file is 25 fps and flagged as interlaced, however the actual video stream is progressive.

    Log excerpt from exporting 50 fps progressive and bwdif deinterlacing:

    And exporting 25 TFF deinterlacing in Voukoder:

    I'm pretty sure I'm not doing anything wrong, is this a bug in deinterlacing? Or do I need to set up Voukoder in a very specific way to output 50p deinterlaced from 25i timeline?

    Also, some possible menu option order bugs in the Voukoder GUI:

    With bwdif, the field dropdowns do not match the values shown in parameters. "Send Frame" shows "send_field" and Send Field shows "send_frame". For deinterlacing options, Auto shows "tff", Top field first shows "bff" and "Bottom field first shows "auto". Yadif appears to be correct.

    Encode log files appear to be held open by Voukoder even after the encode is finished. I could not delete log files from Explorer after encodes had finished until Premiere was closed.

    FFmpeg comes with 'prores', 'prores_ks' (fka 'prores_kostya') and 'prores_aw'. Only prores_ks supports alpha channels (and the 444 & 4444 colourspaces) and has a few other flags you can set for advanced render settings. It's that's what I've used in the past for prores work. Which flavour of prores encoder is used in Voukoder?

    As part of my current FFmpeg frameserving I've been using Debugmode -> FFmpeg with interlaced source content, deinterlacing with the w3fdif algorithm, unsharping with a custom matrix and spline scaling.

    I'm working with 1080i25 ProRes on the timeline, editing and exporting as 1080i25 through the frameserver; FFmpeg is then deinterlacing with w3fdif, x264 encoding and muxing to 1080p50 MP4.

    The quality is superb but it's slow due to the usual frameserving reasons. Imagine my excitement when I came across Voukoder! However at the moment it's missing features which would let me use it to replace frameserving.

    An example of how I'm encoding a lot of files at the moment:

    ffmpeg -i "fs-output.avs" -vf "bwdif,scale=960:-1:flags=spline,unsharp=3:3:0.5:3:3:0.0" -c:v libx264 -tune film -crf 18 -preset slow -maxrate 3M -bufsize 1.5M -profile:v high -pix_fmt yuv420p -c:a aac -b:a 320k "output-960x540p50-crf18-3mbit.mp4"

    I can define the most common parameters via the Voukoder dialog in Premiere export. However there seems to be no way in R2 to do things like append custom FFmpeg vf parameters for custom filtergraphs, do stream selection or apply bitstream filters.

    There seems to be no way to specify bwdif deinterlacing (or any other available algorithm like YADIF for example) within Voukoder R2 dialog or Premiere export dialog with Voukoder selected. As such that means means I can't currently use Vouk to replace my old frameserving method.

    I would love the ability to append arbitrary custom parameters to the Vouk recipe - either with a free text 'arbitrary parameters' field in an Advanced tab, or being able to directly edit the command text box at the bottom of the dialog, and also be able to save this as a preset.