Intel QSV Support

  • Hello everyone with an Intel CPU (At least series 7),

    Could you guys give the QSV encoders of this version a test and compare it against the current 9.3 version?

    i.e. HEVC h265 does not work in 9.3, but works with 9.4rc1? Or QSV doesn't work at in 9.4rc1, but works with 9.3? Or is there no difference at all between both versions?


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  • Tried the 9.4rc1 "HEVC (Intel QSV)" codec with no other dialog changes in Vegas 19 and it rendered fine showing substantial Intel decoder utilization in Task Manager. That selection does not appear in my 9.3 dialog. The system I tested 9.4rc1 has a 9900k cpu with a Radeon VII gpu. The system still running 9.3 in which the selection did not appear is an 11900k with a 5700xt.