Davinci Resolve now allows for third party render

  • this is not my picture but it made by a top-professional colorist. This is a result of ProRes rendering of solid color. Also, he reported some problem with levels (sorry, he did not provide details).

    Has that 444 16 bit mode being used for this export session?

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  • Has that 444 16 bit mode is used for this export session?

    I believe it is correct.

    But I tried to recreate this issue without success. My renders come out clean in any mode (444 16bit in DaVinci; ProRes 422HQ, 444, 444HQ in voukoder).

    UPDATE: I processed the same tests as Anton, the author of the original screenshot, but I still can't reproduce his result. But he used DaVinci 17.0, and I use v. 17.1 - so it may be DaVinci's bug.

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  • one annoying problem.

    Voukoder is ignoring low space ;)

    Yesterday I occasionally set a long batch (individual clips rendering) to a full disk.

    With regular render, DaVinci would stop render with an appropriate error message.

    But with Voukoder, it took full time for render (about an hour and a half for one batch and two hours for another) and finished without error messages, created 5 properly rendered clips (till disk space was exhausted) and 35 empty, 36K-size-each clips for all others ;)

  • Awesome to see this happening. It's the first thing I'll try once I get my Davinci Resolve Studio dongle on Tuesday :D