Will Voukoder be ready for Vegas Pro 18?

  • Thanks for letting me know I was doing it right.

    Do you know if there is a quality difference between the two? I also noticed Zscale has an array of choices for filter (Spline 36 is default), but no help option stating the difference between them. Fine to leave it on the default?

  • These options are basically choosing the scaling algorithm. "Point" just duplicates pixels. "Bicubic/Bilinear" are interpolating pixels by averaging them, "Lanczos" and "Spline" are the most sophisticated algorithms and should normally produce the best results - but there are rather slow.

  • I installed the latest release candidate. I rendered out a simple clip with the recommended settings and scale from 4K to 1080p. From halfway through it seems to pause every few seconds and then processor use spikes until it runs all-out at the very end. It stays at 99.7% for a couple of minutes. It seems to hang (but recovers and finishes). I had output the same clip a minute ago in 5 more smoothly with no pause at the end. I ran it a second time without the resize filter and it has the same issue.

    I find the naming of the preset options confusing. As a user I'd expect them to range from good quality/low compression to lower quality/higher compression with a balanced option and then a lossless high file size option. Instead there are some confusingly named options.

    The wording "maximum useful cost possible" is strange English. What does that mean?

    The last two settings seem differently named than the first ones and don't have the speed in parentheses ( ) . I suggest renaming them to start with quality and end with speed.

    I'm surprised there's no high quality, low compression option.

    Is high quality/high compression better quality than general purpose (recommended)?

  • I uninstalled 6 and reinstalled Voukoder 5. You seem right about it, I'm having the same slamming of the CPU from 58% and it's sitting at 99.7% for a while again for some reason. There's nothing going on at the end of the clips to render (no fadeout or transition or anything).

    I tried again with 5 and NVENC with the output filter (Lanczos) and it flew through the whole thing- no pauses, stops and no hitch at the end.

    Where is the Voukoder log? It's not in the Voukoder program folder.

    I think the presets need to be renamed to correct the English and put them in a consistent naming format.

  • 6rc with Lanczos also cuts through the same render with no delays or issues, so it seems equivalent to 5 from what I can tell.

    I did a regular CPU VBR render with Magix AVC. CPU usage climbs towards the end, but the pause at the end of the render was only a few seconds.

  • Please make sure you guys don't have mp4+faststart enabled. Faststart processes the whole exported file and can take up to several minutes at the end.

  • Code
    [19:14:20] Frame #308: vRender: 225377 us, vProcess: 5572 us, vEncoding: 1621685 us, aRenderEncode: 1494 us, Latency: 1854176 us
    [19:14:20] Frame #309: vRender: 156465 us, vProcess: 3080 us, vEncoding: 275766 us, aRenderEncode: 1407 us, Latency: 436759 us
    [19:14:20] Frame #310: vRender: 110187 us, vProcess: 2646 us, vEncoding: 58322 us, aRenderEncode: 1442 us, Latency: 172633 us
    [19:14:20] Frame #311: vRender: 100072 us, vProcess: 2401 us, vEncoding: 33833 us, aRenderEncode: 648 us, Latency: 136990 us
    [19:14:20] Frame #312: vRender: 103894 us, vProcess: 2798 us, vEncoding: 41393 us, aRenderEncode: 874 us, Latency: 148988 us
    [19:14:27] Frame #313: vRender: 95837 us, vProcess: 2264 us, vEncoding: 6898403 us, aRenderEncode: 443 us, Latency: 6996967 us

    The first number vRender is the time VEGAS needs to render the frame. 0.1s means it will limit the fps to a theoretical maxium of 10fps - 0.2s even 5 fps.

    I have to admit the last encoding time of 6.9s is also pretty high, but this is within FFmpeg.

    [19:14:46] Frame #347: vRender: 56344 us, vProcess: 1565 us, vEncoding: 21048 us, aRenderEncode: 743 us, Latency: 79722 us
    [19:14:46] Frame #348: vRender: 67644 us, vProcess: 1446 us, vEncoding: 19972 us, aRenderEncode: 517 us, Latency: 89601 us
    [19:14:46] Exported 349 frames in 161 seconds. (avg. 2 fps)
    [19:14:46] Flushing encoders and finalizing ...
    [19:16:23] Video and audio buffers flushed.
    [19:16:23] Trailer has been written.
    [19:16:23] Closing encoders ...

    Almost 2 minutes to flush remaining frames and writing the mp4 footer. Looks also strange. Maybe i should use an older version of FFmpeg again.

  • Thanks for looking at this- I'm glad the log file was of use. Something does seem wrong with the footer in CPU mode.

    Here's the log file I got from Voukoder 6 in NVENC mode. It just flew along:


    This render is 100% identical to the past one with the CPU. I left the selected region the same in Vegas and only changed the Voukoder render settings.

  • Okay, got it.

    Depending on your settings x264 buffers alot of frames to do motion estimation and other analysis to better compress the frames. So at the end of the encoding it still has a buffer which has to be cleared. In the above log you can that FFmpeg had like 200 frames left in the buffer that had to be processed. So it is not hanging, it is just working asynchronous. I guess if you use the standard encoder settings this should not happen.

  • Here's a test with just the x.264 default settings and no presets selected. It didn't have a big pause at the end.

    Is this an issue with Vegas or my system, or are the "recommended" settings not really recommended if you want reasonable speed? I'm not clear on what settings are slowing things down.

    I noticed the presets from video don't seem to affect audio and there aren't audio presets. The default audio bitrate of 96kbit/s seems low. Is that and low-complexity what you're recommend?

  • It is not an issue. It is just a consequence of the settings you are using. I'd guess its related to rc-lookahead.

    You can't have small file size AND high compression AND fast encoding speed. If one goes up the other one goes down.

    AAC-LC is most compatible. 96kbit/s is in my opinion enough.

  • Thank you for explaining. Yes, those tradeoffs are understandable.

    I have to read up on x264 settings as I've never dealt with this complexity before. Is there a preset for good quality, somewhat fast if greater file size? I'd use that.

    I think in the past I had rendered with just the defaults as I didn't notice the "apply" button for presets and just selected it.

    Here is the same project with look ahead to 24 instead of 180. link Still a good pause at the end but less than before?
    Here's the fast preset: link It definitely seemed faster at the end.

    One feature request would be a way to save your own presets- it's hard to remember what all these settings do and good values for them.