Voukoder 12beta1

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    Release Notes

    Make sure you are using the latest connector for your application(s) and the latest available NVIDIA drivers.

    Fixes / Changes

    • Upgraded from FFmpeg 5.0 to FFmpeg 5.1
    • Adapted SVT-AV1 to new parameter interface and added CRF to rate control options
    • Video side data: Adjusted MDCV luminance limits (Min: 0-5, Max: 5 - 10000)
    • Switched to NVENC SDK 12
    • Added NVIDIA AV1 encoder for RTX 40 series GPUs


    Thanks to my all supporters by either PayPal, Patreon or BTC (33wJ6Jg3KbZA4ZMJMQBFMh7jxWFAnad1Lp). Also thanks alot to the translators.

    Top Patrons

    Gronkh, Schauerland, Michael wooldridge and Chris Woods


  • SVT-AV1 and CRF seem to work fine. But is it normal for it to be noticeably slower than FFmpeg directly? Overhead coming from Premiere I suppose?

  • I just installed v12 beta 1 and the hevc_nvenc encoder I usually use is no longer available. All the hardware encoders, including QSV, have disappeared from the list.

    Windows 10, Adobe Media Encoder 2022, premiere-connector-1.11.1, GTX 1080, driver version 516.94