sRGB Transfer Function in Filter menu Drop-down-List

  • Is it possible/ wise to integrate sRGB as a transfer function in the Voukoder filter menu (drop-down list)?

    I am not sure if it is really necessary, but the thing is: I record gameplay via OBS. In this application I have set the colour space to sRGB instead of BT709 (which should be correct for content on the PC). This setting probably makes an additional entry in the metadata of the video (according to the MediaInfo tool: "Transfer characteristics: sRGB/sYCC").

    As far as I understand, the BT709 and sRGB colour spaces are supposed to be almost identical, but the gamma curve is supposed to be different, so I am afraid that selecting BT709 (or simply not specifying the transfer function) would eventually lead to a slightly incorrect display of the source video (shadows are lightened?).

    If I'm wrong somewhere here please enlighten me ^^

    Many thanks for all your work!

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    I have added all functions that are supported by FFmpeg. But for gameplay and uploading it to youtube I would always suggest:

    Format: yuv420

    Range: limited

    Space/Transfer/Primaries: bt709

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