File size is too big (Any help?)

  • Hello,

    I'm having trouble with video sizes. A couple months ago or 1 year ago etc... my 1 hour video (1080p 60fps) render sizes were 500-600 mb. I remember these because I'm recording gameplay videos frequently. But I don't know why it's too high now. I'm using default Voukoder settings (HEVC / NVENC).

    As you can see, 1 hour video size is generally 5-6 GB.

    While the original OBS recording (2.5 hours video) was 3 GB, it is not normal that the video I divided into 1 hour and rendered with Voukoder is 6 GB.

    Voukoder Settings (Default)

  • Hi there! I will try to help you as much as I can and I would be happy if my help touched! (Translated by Google Translate!)

    1: Select H.264 to export the video!

    2: Set the bitrate to the size you want and remember !, if you set the bitrate to 5Mb, you will write it as 5000 in Voukoder, (1.5Mb> 1500!)

    3: The size of the video can be easily determined via H.264!

    and the size of the video will come out (+ 50Mb-200Mb for audio can be added depending on your choice of audio codec! That is up to 192kbps-320kbps)

    4: Once you have set the video bitrate, select Voukoder.

    5: You select H.264 NVENC for the fastest encoding.

    6: Set the settings to VBR and enter the bitrate entered in H.264 into the voucode. (You can also adjust it using the settings shown in the pictures.)

    I'm glad I got help!

    I apologize for grammatical errors!

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  • That's pretty solid advice by visionicloud above. If you want to reach a specific target size, VBR with tight (close) target/max bitrate ratio (or just same value) or even CBR mode are the way to go.

    You can even calculate, let's say you want 600mb for 1hr, then

    total bitrate = 600mb * 8 = 4800Mbit

    total seconds = 60 * 60 = 3600 seconds

    target bitrate = 4800/3600~=1.33Mbit/s. Subtract audio whichever audio bitrate you use from that, and you got your video bitrate.

    The Constant Quantizer strategy is quality-based. Meaning it will select bitrate to achieve desired quality.

    So it depends on how much detail/movement there is in the video; so in regards to video games, if it's slow paced and with little movement, then result bitrate will be low; but try a fast-paced fps or racing and it'll go through the roof. Did the content of your footage change lately?

    I'd say that for level 23 CQP your result seems about right. 6Gb per hour equates to about 13Mbit/s bitrate, which for 60fps I'd say is somewhat medium even for HEVC.

    Were you using voukoder before too? It has changed a lot in past year, perhaps earlier versions might've used different settings.

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