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    The question is not whether the user interface suits me or not, whether it suits you or not, but whether it is suitable for both basic users and specialists. The first reason for Voukoder's success is to be able to encode with Nvenc while being accessible to all levels of users.

    The current user interface is a result of particular queries, but not of general interest including this majority of basic users. The question is about a general interest and not a particular one.


    Without knowing what the solution is and even if there is one, it has been in my head since release 2...

    The new release offers many possibilities due to repeated requests from some users. But I wonder if there is not a distortion inherent to forums, about the real level of potential users of Voukoder. Being active on a forum dedicated to video I realize that the average user's skill on video encoding is rather basic. The first version of Voukoder meets this need. From my point of view the new interface offers too many parameters that can repel many users.

    I do not know what is the right solution. Maybe just keep release 1 by renaming it to a "Voukoder Basic" (it should also be translated), then the release 2 becomes a kind of "Voukoder Pro".

    Or maybe an UI that can switch between a simplified UI to a complete.


    Not sure, an other :

    "ac3.bitstream.dheadphone_mode._item_1": "Dolby Surround EX Off",

    "ac3.bitstream.dheadphone_mode._item_2": "Dolby Headphone On",

    may be it's :

    "ac3.bitstream.dheadphone_mode._item_1": "Dolby Headphone Off",

    "ac3.bitstream.dheadphone_mode._item_2": "Dolby Headphone On",

    or :

    "ac3.bitstream.dheadphone_mode._item_1": "Dolby Headphone On",

    "ac3.bitstream.dheadphone_mode._item_2": "Dolby Headphone Off",

    Same with :

    "eac3.bitstream.dheadphone_mode._item_1": "*Dolby Surround EX Off",

    "eac3.bitstream.dheadphone_mode._item_2": "*Dolby Headphone On",



    Perhaps an error :

    "ac3.misc.center_mixlev._label": "Downmixlevel",

    may be :

    "ac3.misc.center_mixlev._label": "Center down mix level",

    I tried to find the differences between the current English version and the last French version I made. It's visually very difficult to do, it would be faster to retranslate everything, which I would not do. In this case, 99% of the work is to identify the differences not to translate.

    Can I retrieve the English version used for the last translation I made on June 6, 2019? Perhaps by comparing the two versions in English, I will be able to identify the differences.

    In addition, it seems to me that there is software to compare two texts. But they have to be in the same language, so in English.