Quicktime Animation codec in Windows

  • The Quicktime Animation codec is still the best codec for exporting After Effects animations. However, it's not available through Adobe Media Encoder in Windows, forcing users to use the Render Queue to use this codec.

    Could you make this codec available in Voukoder for Adobe Media Encoder?

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    I guess you're talking about this one? It seems it doesn't have any configuration options, right?


    Encoder qtrle [QuickTime Animation (RLE) video]:

    • General capabilities: none
    • Threading capabilities: none
    • Supported pixel formats: rgb24 rgb555be argb gray
  • Yes, that's the codec I meant. It's not available in AME for Windows (not sure about Mac).

    In the After Effects Render Queue the only options available for this codec are:

    - RGB

    - RGB + Alpha

    - Alpha

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