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    The Quicktime Animation codec is still the best codec for exporting After Effects animations. However, it's not available through Adobe Media Encoder in Windows, forcing users to use the Render Queue to use this codec.

    Could you make this codec available in Voukoder for Adobe Media Encoder?

    Does it harm anyone? Maybe there are other use cases and workflows than yours?

    The problem with current workflows is they take a long time, particularly when creating a series of animated gifs. That's the case when creating fallbacks for online banners.

    Currently, I found the best way to optimize/generate gifs is to use ez-gif. I found it to be faster and better than Photoshop. I have to work on every gif one by one, though. This is time consuming when doing series of 15 gifs under 100-150kb.

    The other tool I tested was gif-sicle cli. It's a great tool, but still not as good as it should be, namely for the lack of a GUI and filesize estimates.

    Having more advanced compression options and a preview of the filesize directly in the render queue would be a big time saver.

    Is there a plan to add animated gif support in the future?

    If you do it will be awesome, but only if there will also be support for advanced gif compression settings.