Good x264 settings (May 2020 update 2)

  • On obs studio u have to choose a filter, even if i'm not downscale/upscale. Then maybe i selected it but not using it at all? I heard lanczos not much better

  • On obs studio u have to choose a filter, even if i'm not downscale/upscale. Then maybe i selected it but not using it at all? I heard lanczos not much better

    that's upscaling/downscaling filter, make sure you record resolution is same as output resolution, it's in the settings-video tab, in your case both are supposed to be 1920x1080 (the filter process will be ignored then)

    You,can also change recording fps on there, that's why I asked you does Twitch allow you to record in 57fps lol

  • Yes I have the same resolution on both then should be fine. Anyway twitch support (officially) only 25,30,50 and 60 fps. But i think i can try 57 anyway. A lot of people streaming in 900p or even in 936p, then i think i can do everything.

  • speed improvement, I've fixed an error on merange, tuned some other parameters, and added more presets

    Dear iAvoe, hello,

    just found that thread, was googling for about a week trying to figure out the best settings.

    May I kindly ask you to assist me also?

    Having a hard times streaming Division 2 to youtube on hi-end PC.

    NVENC just gives me pixeled frame - horrible - tried with max setting both highest preset (max) quality and low-latency quality presets...

    now x264 is better, but still somehow soapy in general (when moving, standing still picture is perfect)

    Division 2 has tons and tons of post processing particles crazy amounts volumetric fog and of vegetation everywhere

    PC specs:

    Ryzen 9 3950x
    64gigs of 3600 RAM

    2x2K IPS color calibrated monitors with 120Hz Gsync enabled

    2xRTX3070 (tried to dedicate second single GPU for NVENC - does nothing in terms of quality)

    Internet connection 500Mbps symmetric (having a consistent 50Mbps egress stream is absolutely not an issue, unless streaming service supports that)

    Division 2 game settings:

    FPS limit 60

    Vsync ON

    2k resolution

    full screen

    (game capture window scaled down manually to fit FHD OBS scene canvas size)

    OBS settings (latest ver as of feb 2021)


    resolution FHD

    FPS 57



    Color NV12

    Color Space 709

    Color Range Full

    TCP pacing enabled

    Network optimization enabled

    x264 codec

    bitrate 9000

    Buffer 3500

    CRF 20

    Keyframes 2

    CPU preset faster

    Profile none

    Tune none


    me=umh subme=10 chroma_me=0 bframes=5 b-adapt=1 ref=3 aq-mode=0 aq-strength=1.1 deblock=0:0 trellis=2 direct=temporal cabac=1 me_range=14 nr=25 mbtree=0 no-fast-pskip=1

    That's the custom options I've ended up with after reading this thread,

    could you kindly review that and advise?

    I have also tried crazy bitrates like 45K on NVENC youtube gets that but it doesn't improve visual quality whatsoever.
    Funny thing as if i just record the video locally with the very same encoding settings the quality is very acceptable playing it locally, but watching the stream in real time it's very pixilated and blured, lots lots worse than local recording quality... Not sure what is my issue... there are no network congestion or dropped frames due to network (in OBS status) and light is always green...

    Streaming to twitch with the same settings is a LOT better in terms of quality... may be I'm doing something wrong with youtube? Still maybe it's possible to get better encoding quality with my specs...

    Thanks in advance,

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