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    What happens if you use a different preset? Does that work on your player?

    Now I choose software encode: Preset H264 >> General Purpose

    crf=17.000 opencl=1 preset=medium rc=crf x264-params=qpmax=22:aq-mode=2:aq-strength=0.700:rc-lookahead=180:keyint=480:min-keyint=3:bframes=11:b-adapt=2:ref=3:deblock=0:0:direct=auto:me=umh:merange=32:subme=10:trellis=2:no-fast-pskip=1

    again the same result

    Frame rate mode : Variable

    Not playable.

    KATICA ILLeNYI - Bolero (You)

    This bug happens when I select in output a mkv container.

    when I select in output a mp4 or mov container - Voukoder created CFR output file. Created mkv file does not play on media player "Dune HD smart D 301" - player reports "Unsuppoted file". Simple remux this file with "Mkvtoolnix" solves this problem, but mediainfo reports again "Frame rate mode : Variable"

    Source file

    Frame rate mode : Constant
    Frame rate : 25.000 FPS

    Output file

    Frame rate mode : Variable
    Original frame rate : 25.000 FPS

    Link to log, source and output files


    I am planning to encode x264.

    My basic settings

    NVIDIA Geforce gtx 1060

    Format profile : High@L4.1

    480p - 1080p

    The output file must be compatible with modern media players, such as Dune HD.

    Container: mp4, mkv

    Strategy - Constant quantizer

    Quantizer - 16

    Max GOP size - 250

    Please help with a few questions:

    1. Where I can see in the encoded log file SSIM and PSNR values?

    2. How I can set vbv-maxrate?

    3. Which values I should put in the

    QP value for I, P, B-frames?

    They are unchecked by default. With these settings

    the encoded file is very large and has a very high bitrate.