Good x264 settings (May 2020 update 2)

  • On obs studio u have to choose a filter, even if i'm not downscale/upscale. Then maybe i selected it but not using it at all? I heard lanczos not much better

    that's upscaling/downscaling filter, make sure you record resolution is same as output resolution, it's in the settings-video tab, in your case both are supposed to be 1920x1080 (the filter process will be ignored then)

    You,can also change recording fps on there, that's why I asked you does Twitch allow you to record in 57fps lol

  • Yes I have the same resolution on both then should be fine. Anyway twitch support (officially) only 25,30,50 and 60 fps. But i think i can try 57 anyway. A lot of people streaming in 900p or even in 936p, then i think i can do everything.