Voukoder 4.1 renders blurry video

  • Both right! It is important to differenciate if you play that video locally (before you upload it to YT) or if you play it on YT. But in both cases it is not a bug in voukoder. It is just a question of the used settings.

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  • Does the file look good when you play it on your local PC (NOT on Youtube) with videolan or mpc_hc?

    Is it only blurred on Youtube?

    That's because of YT reencodes all uploaded files. If you are a small youtuber you have to play some tricks to get a better video quality.

    One is to provide a higher video size to get more bandwidth.

  • I actually tried it twice, first time using default settings it shows blurry even locally. Second time I set a bunch of things to higher quality, set 12 instead of 23(default) for cq value(? I think this is how you call it?)...I get a 7G file and couldn't upload to Youtube,

    Eventually I had to set it back to normal H.264 without boosting NVDIA GPU, but it took over 3 times of the time...

    If I want to get a video similar to the normal mode, how should I set the settings?