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    Following this topic...follow up question: I'm uploading my videos to a Chinese video site, Bilibili. They have a 7G limit for file size...I've only been increasing the quantitizer so files can be smaller. Is there a setting, while maintaining decent quality, that will help make the file size smaller?

    I'm using the default settings below, but it renders blurry video. I am able to get the high quality video by decreasing the quantizer number (The largest I tried was 20, was able to render good video). But this creates a problem uploading it to Youtube... Can someone please suggest? I mostly edit first-person mountain biking video, so it is very shaky by nature. Not sure if this provides more info.

    It seems like no matter if I change the output preset or quantizer number to high or low, the rendering speed is about the same. I don't quite understand why it's so blurry...If someone could explain that as well it'd be helpful

    I actually tried it twice, first time using default settings it shows blurry even locally. Second time I set a bunch of things to higher quality, set 12 instead of 23(default) for cq value(? I think this is how you call it?)...I get a 7G file and couldn't upload to Youtube,

    Eventually I had to set it back to normal H.264 without boosting NVDIA GPU, but it took over 3 times of the time...

    If I want to get a video similar to the normal mode, how should I set the settings?

    Hi sorry, I think I found the issue... Last time when I create my proxies, I selected QuickTime, but I kept H.264 at configuration.

    I created proxies with H.264 today and it can configure normally now. Thank you again for the useful tool!!

    Thank you so much for the reply!

    I tried uninstalling both the connector and voukoder. I can only find 1.2.1 version of the connector, so I have that.

    It's still doing the same thing. I also noticed my Premiere recently started acting a little laggy. When I'm editing the video, there is always a lag when I click the timeline and the blue time moves to where I clicked. The blue line would freeze, not jumping to the position I clicked unless I start playing the video. Same problem is happening with me cutting, deleting clips, The updated change doesn't get refreshed until I play the video...Not sure if these are related at all...

    I even reinstalled premiere for the problem above...I don't know what's happening

    It would be a big help if you could help me get this back and running. I have a GTX 1060, only found out when I'm searching solution for my problem this time that there is a rendering option specially for NVIDIA graphic cards....Want to find more potentials

    Hi there,

    Voukoder has been a huge help for me. I used it 4-5 times with no issue. But somehow it's not showing the configuration anymore... When I try to export it says no configuration was selected, but when I click "Configure" again, it tried to open up Voukoder twice, causing Premiere to crash.

    The only difference I could think of as for this that I used proxy (I'm still very very new at video editing). Other than that I can't think of any.

    I pasted the entire log file at the bottom....Hope it helps

    Thank you in advance:)

    Log File.txt