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  • A single encoding process can only be done by one GPU. What would be possible: If you have multiple encodings like one in Premiere and one in Media Encoder, that you assign each encoding one specific GPU.

    Maybe it could be possible that Voukoder supports parallel encoding for Media Encoder in the future, but at this point Vouk has a lot more knowledge.

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  • I am not an expert in this program. Maybe this is because I used an SD card for reading and writing.

    My friend asked me how to speed up the rendering of a video. And I thought, why you can’t use a multiGPU system to render video. I know for sure that the CPU does not load 100%. When one video card is loaded at ~ 98%.

    I want to try rendering on my workstation. Where are used. 4 * Nvidia Tesla K10 8GB on 2 CPU X5680 and 48Gb ram.

    I think that in the present and in the future there will not be a big problem to use multiCPU systems for rendering. And it’s worth developing your program so that it can support multiGPU.

  • The thing is: Voukoder does not speed up rendering. Rendering is done entirely by Premiere and it's rendering engine. Voukoder starts it's work when rendering is done and does the encoding part.

    And with encoding the only multi GPU support is that you can select the GPU you want to use for encoding. This is part of the NVidia design.

  • You can test this. Download and install "Vouk's Render Performance Test". It will tell you the maximum FPS that Premiere can deliver with exporting your project. Just Pure Premier performance, no voukoder, no disk i/o. It just renders the frames with all effects, filters and so on.

    Depending on that number of FPS we can think about choosing an encoding solution. Todays GPUs are pretty fast. A single RTX 2080 TI / RTX 6000 can encode like 400-500 FPS of 2K AVC video (depending on the settings). If you want more you should think about special hardware encoder solutions.

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