Multiple audio tracks

  • Currently I think it is not possible to export audio in multiple tracks, only one audio track is created every time.

    If I have two or more audio tracks in my project, is it possible to split these in multiple tracks when exporting and not only one for all?

  • Maybe I am wrong, but I think this is a limitation of Adobe Premiere. Premiere always mixes multiple audio tracks into the one. This feature request should be addressed to Adobe.

    Currently this is not possible.

    However, is it possible to add options to Voukoder which will provide possibility to append second, third or more audio tracks to exported material?

  • You could be right. I did not see any functionality to get audio data for more than one track.

    In theory it is possible for voukoder to write multiple audio and also multiple video streams... even timecode streams, subtitle streams and so on. But this also requires a UI rework to manage these different stream types.

  • I understand more or less the complexity of the work. Probably, there is also should be an option for syncing additional audio tracks. Also I think that this feature is out of scope of export plugin. So, if you would like someday to build a little bit more then export plugin, please, don't forget this topic :)

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  • As I am building with CS6 support it would be 16 mono tracks.

    Audio track labels (to build layouts like 4 stereo tracks or 7.1 or 7.2) require the CC 2015 SDK (or greater).

  • With 16 mono tracks, I think it would be possible to reach a similar final product by panning two tracks left and right to act like stereo.

    This feature would mostly serve for archiving. I would like to be able to keep only the final h.264 of a project to save space but re-use it in other projects but be able to for example to mute the music and only keep the sound of the clips.

    Has it been said by other users, I don't know how much work and how hard it would be to implement something like this, so free to you to see if it's really worth the trouble.

    Have a great day sir, thanks for the quick reply and investigating!

  • Looked into this more the last days.

    Unfortunately implementing this would require too many hacks and workarounds.

    I will implement this when doing a rebuild from scratch.

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