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    Is it possible?

    Since the core functions are same, I think separate a dll file and the aex/prm file are just calling it may better for maintenance.

    For example, maybe it can even support self-update! (If you'd like to.)

    There was a request on twitter to extend this plugin to a standalone encoder.

    I think if it's a standalone encoder, it will have nothing different with (Setting up a FrameServer to use ffmpeg binary), just with a Easy-to-go GUI.

    Maybe I am wrong, but I think this is a limitation of Adobe Premiere. Premiere always mixes multiple audio tracks into the one. This feature request should be addressed to Adobe.

    It's possiable, Change your sequence settings to multichannel and assign them to each track, then export to QuickTime

    When doing translation, I always look up many documents to decide the translation.

    In Voukoder, the alpha channel size has 3 options: 1bit, 8bits, 16 bits.

    But in FFMpeg's documentation, it says


    alpha_bits integer

    Specify number of bits for alpha component. Possible values are 0, 8 and 16. Use 0 to disable alpha plane coding.

    I'm not familiar with ProRes at all, I don't know whether it's a bug or it really can be 1bit. I just found this when I confused how to translate it.

    Well, I can work for the Simplified Chinese, exactly I'm already working on it, slowly.

    But I found two problems troubling me:

    1, Although all the "descriptions" can be translated, the "params" is really annoying. Even in the Chinese community, there's a mess, some are translated in article A, but kept original English words in article B ----- there's NO rules to judge which should be translated and which should leave it in English. And your goal is 100% localized, but I'm sure that it can't be fully translated into Chinese, or it may looks very very odd, sometimes it may makes people more confused if it's translated in an odd word.

    What should I do to deal with these params name?

    2, It's really hard to do it when only facing the strings, but I have neither NVENC nor AMF supported GPU, so I can't see these options in my window.

    And here's a message I left for other Chinese user:以前我总是笑话一些软件用机翻弄出来的中文错误连篇还特别离谱,直到自己开始实践起来,才发现软件界面的翻译,其实比翻译一篇文章还难。翻译文章的时候,往往可以顺着自己的逻辑去稍作修饰,哪怕一两个用词显得奇怪了些,其他人通过上下文也能理解想要表达的意思,因为篇幅一上去,个人的语言风格就很明显了,其他人读的时候,自然就能顺着译者的逻辑去理解。而软件不同,一个按钮就是一个按钮,没有上下文,这时候看见孤零零的一个词,脑中第一反应都是顺着自己平时理解去的,因此一个不是很完美的翻译就很容易造成误解。人无完人,在我进行翻译时,即使经过反复推敲,有些地方可能仍然会带上自己的语言色彩,而这对于其他人未必很容易理解。如果你看到了,真心希望能和我一起讨论,甚至是辩论,怎么翻译更合适,谢谢。

    So I can predict why it occurs:

    1, you don't have the default value, so AME thought it's 0x0.

    2, the "link" function is based on keep the width/height ratio at a constant value (as the description of the button says).

    3, as everyone knows, 0 cannot divide 0.

    4, so the "current" ratio doesn't exist.

    5, so whatever I change the height, it can't calculate the width.

    But I don't know why it displays 320x240 as default although it's 0x0.

    I'm using CC2018 and I didn't tried on other version yet.

    1, Open Adobe Media Encoder.

    2, Preset -> Create Encoding Preset

    3, Select Voukoder R2

    4, Go to Voukoder Tab, Configure it to ANY option, at least supporting 1080p (e.g. libx264, YUV420, High 4.2, CRF 23, and leave other to default)

    5, Save configuration and go back to "Video" Tab

    6, Now there's already an bug: it is set in 320x240, but in summary it's still 0x0.

    7, note in the option panel, the default status is "linking"

    8, then edit the height to 1080, and it occurs.

    P.S. to prove it's not related with "the frame size can't be a float number", I also tried change it to 480 but it still occurs.

    Also my screenshots proved another thing: some of your value in translation files is not needed, whatever you set this value, it will be override with Adobe's translation.

    At least I found these:

    Your default Width and Height is 320x240, When I try to change height to 1080, it retruns "The frame size is not supported" error.

    It's related with Adobe's Link-Width-and-Height function, when I click this button and changed it to "not linked", it then can edit freely.

    Could you please add "translated by" and "translator's comments" value?

    "translated by" to display the tranlator's name

    "tranlator's comments" to display a short message that other people can contact with the translator.

    No one is perfect, when someone else in other languages found some translation is incorrect, they can directly contact to the main tranlator, and discuss which is better in their native language, when they have a final result, they can make a pull-request again.

    But if everyone directly make a pull-request to you, it's also hard for you to choose which one is better.

    When choose preset "Ultra fast" "Super fast" "Very fast" and "Very slow", after click "OK" and then click "configure" again, it reset to "medium".

    "Faster", "Fast", "Slow", "Slower", "Placebo" are OK.

    Looks like it related with a space in preset name.