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    I am not an expert in this program. Maybe this is because I used an SD card for reading and writing.

    My friend asked me how to speed up the rendering of a video. And I thought, why you can’t use a multiGPU system to render video. I know for sure that the CPU does not load 100%. When one video card is loaded at ~ 98%.

    I want to try rendering on my workstation. Where are used. 4 * Nvidia Tesla K10 8GB on 2 CPU X5680 and 48Gb ram.

    I think that in the present and in the future there will not be a big problem to use multiCPU systems for rendering. And it’s worth developing your program so that it can support multiGPU.

    Good afternoon, my friend.

    I'm interested in whether there will be support for multiple video cards in the future to speed up the work?