Rendering to AV1

  • I've been using HEVC with Voukoder for a while now, but After the updates to the AV1 after finally updating, rendering does not take a long as it used to with the SVT support. For 1440p game recordings i have it set for 2,000 kbit with a max bitrate of 10,000 kbit, ultra fast preset, and main tier. The quality of the videos look really good in my opinion. a 20 minute 1440P video ended up being 340 MB in size. Very good file size to quality compared to h.264 and h.265(HEVC)

    I dont see too much information for AV1 out in the wild. I am wondering who else is using the AV1 codec and what settings they are using. I haven't played mych with the constrained variable bitrate, or the constant quantizer yet.

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  • Personally I much prefer CRF over a set bitrate, and going with a value of 20-30 is usually a pretty safe bet. Just go by the default values that Intel set for SVT-AV1, then adapt them to your needs. For v1.0 that would be Preset 10 with CRF 35, for example. But note that, if I remember correctly, Voukoder is still stuck on v0.9, while the most recent version is 1.1x.

    Most of these options aren't relevant to Voukoder, but I'm posting them for context: SVT-AV1 Github

  • AV1 is still under dev, and does not provide a stable image output, and you might not able to view render results on mobile phones unless you have a good media player app. Generally not recommeded for reliability dependant workloads

  • And, unless new compression methods show up, AV1 is more of a cranked up x265 with depreciated features due to slowness added back, but I could be wrong since I have not been following updates

  • I guess my email notifications are not working, I just decided to check out my post here.

    Would the constant quantizer be the same as the CRF?

  • They're similar-ish, but function differently. Preferably use CRF if possible, it will result in smaller file-sizes, or more "optimized" if you wanna think of it that way.

  • Sorry for the confusion mate. I mostly use (SVT-)AV1 through FFMPEG, where it does support CRF, so I didn't notice Voukoder only having CQ as an option.

    You can see the preset number in the lil box below all the other options

    Preset 8 = Ultra Fast

    Preset 10 = Warp 9.975