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    recently got a 4070 and testing out some NVENC AV1 rendering. I noticed that with the SVT there is a CFR rating that can be set., which i believe auto adjusts bitrate to keep the quality consistent while saving space? I have mine set for 40 for my needs

    On the nvenc av1 encoder, i do not see the CRF, but i see the constant quantizer, so i set it to 40 as they show up as qp=40 in both of the encoders.

    However, after rendering with the 2 different encoders, the SVT file size is 373MB, while the nvence is 1,64 GB in file size. Can someone explain the difference in the 2 encoders as both show the settings as qp for the settings.

    While researching more on AV1 encoding. I came across this on reddit to encode a video base off the VMAF score called ab-av1

    it Uses ffmpeg, svt-av1 & vmaf together to encode the video.

    This could be interesting as it can help people with not as much knowledge like me encode videos in good quality without tinkiering through a lot of settings.

    It can be found here.

    I've been using HEVC with Voukoder for a while now, but After the updates to the AV1 after finally updating, rendering does not take a long as it used to with the SVT support. For 1440p game recordings i have it set for 2,000 kbit with a max bitrate of 10,000 kbit, ultra fast preset, and main tier. The quality of the videos look really good in my opinion. a 20 minute 1440P video ended up being 340 MB in size. Very good file size to quality compared to h.264 and h.265(HEVC)

    I dont see too much information for AV1 out in the wild. I am wondering who else is using the AV1 codec and what settings they are using. I haven't played mych with the constrained variable bitrate, or the constant quantizer yet.