Intel QSV

  • Hi,

    Sorry if this has already been asked and answered. At the moment is it not possible to do a Voukoder AVC render from Vegas Pro 18 using Intel QSV hardware encoding? Thanks!

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  • Hi MajorBubble,

    Thanks for your message. I am using Vegas Pro 18 build 527 but don't seem to have the option. Could you tell me what version of the Intel HD chipset you have and perhaps a capture of the options menu with the QSV option? Thanks again for your help!

  • It seems to depend on driver version or type.

    I haven't had a QSV option in 1+ years in Vegas Pro for MagixAVC or with Voukoder. I'm using i7-7700HQ processor in a Dell XPS 15 with Intel DCP latest driver.

    Oddly it seems to work with MagixHEVC.

  • Hi rsmith02,

    Thanks for your message. I used to have the Intel QSV drivers for MagixAVC in Vegas but they disappeared after a chipset upgrade. Rolling back the driver didn't result in their return. Framserver no longer works with Vegas Pro 18 and I was hoping Voukoder would be the answer but this appears not to be the case. Thanks for your help!

  • I have a video of 11 minutes encoded 35 minutes vegas 18, cpu QuadCore Intel Core i5-1135G7, 3500 MHz (35 x 100)