Rendering drone footage for viewing on HD TV 1080p

  • I am trying to edit my drone footage with vegas pro 18 using the voukodec H264 intel QSV to view on HD TV but the video looks a lot worst than viewing on laptop that i edit on. like too much contrast and saturation.

    Then i found that HD TV uses studio RGB levels 16-235 not the full 0-255 levels.

    And also read on here that vegus pro shows the edit review window in different RGB levels.

    I'm a little confused because i have not been editing for long.

    I usually edit using the histograms to get my levels between 0-255 and check the preview window.

    Changing the preview window from studio RGB to Computer RGB doesn't seem to change the preview window much.

    So i adjusted the histograms levels to 16-235 then render with voukodec H264 intel QSV quality 23, slower.

    After the render i imported the video back into vegas pro and the histogram levels where a long way outside the 16-235 range.

    Tried it with the sony codec and the same thing levels way outside the 16-235 range.

    Vegas pro is not rendering the levels that i set when editing.

    I would appreciate if anyone could explain to me the best way to set video levels and codec setting for viewing 1080p video on a HD TV.

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  • This is user error. You are trying to apply methods from old versions of Vegas to VP 18.

    Stay in 8-bit full range. Don't do anything special to adjust levels. Don't change anything with the preview window settings. Output a x264 file with Voukoder and it will work as expected on your TV, YouTube, Media Player, etc. It all expects video levels (but may work with full). Just to make sure this is correct I did just this and brought back into Vegas in 8-bit legacy mode to check the levels. It's video levels.

    Also, QSV needs a really high bit rate to not look terrible. Try x264 if you're not in a big hurry.