Can't set video level to 5.1

  • I've tried exporting a video using HEVC and no matter what I set the parameter "Level" to it always renders it out at level 5.0. I am trying to set it to Level 5.1. Any ideas why this would be happening? Up to date on Voukoder and connector for Adobe Premiere 2021.


  • I've also had a thought - as I understand it from my own limited use of x265 in Voukoder, the encoder will attempt to render at the most widely-compatible settings possible. For example, if you enable High profile, it will still use Main unless it cannot encode your combination of settings. If you don't enable High, it will not encode if it cannot do so using Main tier.

    Perhaps you are using Main tier and specifying a bit rate above 25 Mbit/sec or 4K at higher than 30 fps? That would force Main tier, Level 5.1. See…o_Coding_tiers_and_levels

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