NVENC Strange Behavior

  • I have a very strange behavior of nvenc codec: at first it works very fast, but then something happen and it almost stops to render, there is no new special effects on video.

    So I totally don't understand what happend with NVENC

    I even recorded video with that problem (better to watch on 2x speed)


    Also I added low-level log file. That file was created, while I recorded that video.

    Please help!

  • You don't understood me. Media Encoder uses the GPU (CUDA cores) too. You can disable this by turning the Renderer to Software only in Media Encoder.

    Turning this to software only helps maybe.

    NVENC is an encoder not a renderer and is still used.

  • As far as I can see in the log file it has nothing to do with NVENC I would say, because the vEncoding times are fine.

    Frame #112: vRender: 587084 us, vProcess: 10 us, vEncoding: 10886 us, Latency: 598019 us

    Whats very high are the vRender times. That's the time Adobe needs to render the frame and send it to Voukoder (NVENC). Something in your Project will cause this I think.

    Read more here.

  • Vouk

    Added the Label Not a bug