• Hi guys, thanks for your product. BUT I have a problem: On GT 710 and GT 1030 - there is no NVENC h264 item in the plugin. Soft host -premiere 2020. video card drivers are the latest everywhere. windows 10 x64. But at 1050TI - everything works great. help me please

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    Removed the Label Adobe Premiere / MediaEncoder
  • These cards do not support Nvenc encoding. Take a look here.

    but before, on previous versions of this plugin it worked .... what went wrong. And the hardware codec built into the premiere 2020 sees and works. And OBS defines these cards as NVENC compliant

  • Thanks guys, as strange as it may seem, but everything works great on the GT710. Just wondering why NVIDIA developers have deprived this function of a more expensive GT1030 chip than GT710 ...?

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    I guess the 1030 was designed for cheap office systems. It is a simple, passive card with low energy consumption and with the only purpose to display video.

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