Voukoder only used for exporting? NVENC not used for previewing

  • Hello,

    I'm probably missing something here since I don't see any people asking a question similar to this one..

    So it's nice that Voukoder support exporting from premiere pro while leveraging nvenc. This works great.

    But while editing, assembling e.t.c. it's still the CPU of intell onboard GPU that is used for decoding (not encoding).

    So my GPU is still doing nothing regarding decoding while previewing in source of program panels within PP.

    Is it possible with voukoder to use nvidea gpu (nvenc) for decoding during playback?

  • What you want is to enable hardware accelerated Mercury Playback Engine. that uses your GPU for rendering on CUDA cards. you know when your accelerated because the timeline is marked "yellow". You need to only add effects compatible with this for the acceleration to stay on tho. If you add any effect thats not compatible the timeline will switch "red" and the software mode engaged instead.


  • Thanks!

    I'm using CUDA, but cuda is not using the dedicated hardware HEVC decoding capabilities of my rtx 2080 TI...

    So it seems PP is also not supporting NVENC, would be nice to have a plugin for that as well. It's nice to have the faster exporting with voukoder, but when PP starts supporting NVENC it will really speed up my editing workflow as well and probably I don't need proxies or transcoding anymore by then.

    Some more information about that here: https://www.videoproc.com/trou…pro-not-support-nvenc.htm

  • You are confusing encoding with decoding. NVENC is only for real time encoding (the ENC in NVENC comes from that) So NVENC will never speed up decoding nor rendering in any program.

    Now Geforce Cards also come with a hardware decoder, but it is not used per se in premiere, instead premiere uses CUDA for speeding up rendering as a whole including decoding, but it will never be as fast as an dedicated hardware decoder. But don't know i ever Adobe will add that, mostly because the moment you add any filters, the acceleration would be lost