Presets will not apply before [show advanced options] is checked

  • I'm here again XD, I've found out that x264 custom presets would not be there if this thing is not checked:1.png

    So make sure you have selected "show advanced options" first before you are applying a preset... I guess XD

    It can be solved by adding a line to automatically enable this option if its not on.

    And just saying that I've updated the preset thread, there are speed improvement, some other parameters are tuned, and added more presets:!:

  • Yes, I know about this. Unfortunately I did not find a good way to tick the checkbox automatically when loading the presets. ;)

    The presets are updated in the code.

    well... maybe you could make [show advanced options] checked in default (or change to [hide advanced options]), that would work just the same lol

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