Bring back NVENC support for mobile Kepler-series GPUs to Voukoder

  • Following the posting of the final driver from Release 418 on April 11, 2019 GeForce Game Ready Drivers no longer supported systems utilizing mobile Kepler-series GPUs. The last available WHQL driver was 425.31 released on April 11, 2019 meaning the last supported NVENC SDK was 9.0.

    Voukoder versions > 2.2 are linked with libavcodec versions compiled with NVENC SDK 9.1 headers and do therefore not support mobile Kepler-series GPUs anymore. There are still many laptops out there with Kepler-series GPUs like my MacBook Pro Mid 2014 with a NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M where I would like to use a current Voukoder version.

    There should be a fall back linking a libavcodec version compiled with NVENC SDK 9.0 headers dynamically at runtime in case of a mobile Kepler-series GPU detected.