Export settings & presets

  • Feel free to participate here: As a user I want to have easy to use presets for each encoder available to use.

    Meanwhile I also prefer the Handbrake style approach.

    Don't define presets by some settings, define them per use-case (i.e. "YouTube Recommenended", "YouTube GPU accelerated") Just some quick thoughts

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  • Wanted - 4k ultrawide 60 fps best quality possible for youtube.

    Hello all.

    I usually record youtube game footage with Shadowplay but decided to try SLOBE (obs) with nevec new codec. When i bring this into premier and have installed the polug in, I have NO ide what settings to export, there are so many options.

    Basically i usually export out of premier at 130,000k bit rate to maintian quality oin youtube.

    Can somebody show or create a preset so i know what settings to use, my last atemp made a 180 gig file for a 5 min video!!

    Any help appreciated