Second entry into plugin crashes Premier

  • No idea what I have to clear but just upgrade from 1.x to 2.0.5. First time calling plugin works fine, created profile and encoded video. 2nd time in, it crashes after I go into configure parms and go to video tab.

    Restarted PPro (cs6), enter plugin, bring up Configure, go to video tab. All good. Cancel out of configure. NOW go again to enter configure, go to video and boom, it get hung. Attached is screen grab.

    Wish I could give you logfile but it's not in $TEMP any more so I don't know where you're keeping it.

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  • I mis-spoke. I can get the log copy to clipboard as long as I immediately switch Settings/log instead anything else. Don't see anything unusual.

    BTW, failure happens with NVENC or x264. In the x264 case, all I did was setup/save configuration and then clicked on Video tab again.

    Fails same or worse with CC 2015

    I have plugin for CC 2015 in C:\Program Files\Adobe\Common\Plug-ins\7.0\MediaCore\VoukoderR2.prm

    >> Do I need to clear out something?

    [11:02:52] Voukoder 2.0.5

    [11:02:52] by Daniel Stankewitz

    [11:02:52] ---------------------------------------------

    [11:02:52] Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770K CPU @ 3.50GHz

    [11:02:52] 8 logical cores

    [11:02:52] 16264 MB system memory

    [11:02:52] GPU #0: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950

    [11:02:52] User is an administrator.

    [11:02:52] ---------------------------------------------

    [11:02:52] Loading: translations/english.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: translations/german.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: translations/french.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: encoders/aac.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: encoders/ac3.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: encoders/alac.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: encoders/ffv1.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: encoders/flac.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: encoders/h264_nvenc.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: encoders/hevc_nvenc.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: encoders/libfdk_aac.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: encoders/libmp3lame.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: encoders/libopus.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: encoders/libvorbis.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: encoders/libvpx.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: encoders/libvpx-vp9.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: encoders/libx264.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: encoders/libx265.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: encoders/pcm_s16le.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: encoders/pcm_s24le.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: encoders/pcm_s32le.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: encoders/prores_ks.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: muxers/matroska.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: muxers/mov.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: muxers/mp4.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: muxers/webm.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: muxers/mp3.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: muxers/opus.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: muxers/ogg.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: muxers/flac.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: muxers/adts.json

    [11:02:52] Loading: muxers/wav.json

  • Even simpler. With CC 2015 I don't have any profiles saved. Enter plugin (everything default at x264). Click configure, click video (everything default) click OK. Click configure, click video, BOOM. It does sometimes take 2-4 times but it will crash.

  • Windows 7, 2015, GTX 950. Fails with x264 and NVENC. Seems way too basic a failure. 1.x plugin works fine, have it commented out (changed file type from prm -> prmx) when testing 2.x.

    With 2.x not showing 1.x presets, I assume I don't have to hide them from the preset folder. I don't know what other cleanup I need to do.

    Is there a 1.x -> 2.x upgrade FAQ?

  • moved aside Presets directory and created new one so nothing from 1.x would affect the plugin. No change in failure.

    Could there be a file/directory protection issue? What new location are you saving the log file to? Any other new/different folders is 2.x writing to than 1.x?

  • I did several tests last night, systematically the second export crash Voukouder, sometimes it requires to disable Premiere with the task manager.

    Here a video with second export at 2mn 39s : Youtube

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  • I don't known if it could help,

    Here dependences about Voukouder R2 on my PC :

    IESHIMS.DLL is missing and problems with SHLWAPI.DLL and IEFRAME.DLL

    Do you think that may have something to do with this problem?

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  • These dlls are from Internet Explorer but I don't know if this has something to do with the crash. Maybe you can try to enable/disable Internet Explorer in Windows 7 and testing again.

  • Проблему подтверждаю. На Windows 8.1 в Premiere 2018 окно экспорта можно запустить только 1 раз после обновления плагина Voukoder. При повторном запуске окно экспорта просто не появляется.