vokouder r2.0 beta3 - GPU at 20% ( beta2 95/98%)

  • Hello,

    i don't know if this is a bug or because this version is free but Vokouder r2 beta3 is extremely slow compared to previous beta1 and beta2.

    previous version can export a 6 minute video timeline with grading and PP in under 1.30 minutes.

    settings used in both Vokouder r2 b2 and b3

    with vokouder r2.0 beta3 the same video with the exact same settings require about 8 minute to export and the gpu utilization is 20% compared to 95/98% from the beta2.

    g=15 gpu=0 preset=slow profile=high qp=1 rc=constqp

    mp3 320 mkv

    Premiere pro v 13.1.3

    rtx 2080ti 419.67

    AMD Threadripper 2990wx

    128GB DR4 3600

    Windows 10 ( without april update ).

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    Voukoder ignored the "Render with maximum bit depth" option before beta3. If activated now it uses a very expensive render path. If you uncheck it you should have the old speed again.

  • Voukoder ignored the "Render with maximum bit depth" option before beta3. If activated now it uses a very expensive render path. If you uncheck it you should have the old speed again.

    Hello Mr. Vouk .:).

    thank you very much..now is lightning fast but give me this error :(...

    it's italian . hope you can understand what this error says.

    the export disk is a nvme m.2 ssd mp500.

    Thank you so much for this tool :).

  • Sorry, i can not speak italian. But you can press ctrl-c in this windows and copy the text and maybe translate it with deepl.com.

    Please open voukoder again and copy the logfile to this forum.

    Ok, Mr Vouk.

    Errore durante la compilazione del filmato.

    Errore di esportazione

    Il modulo di esportazione ha restituito un risultato non valido.

    Scrittura con modulo di esportazione: Voukoder R2

    Scrittura su file: C:\Progetto ( TimeLine ).mkv

    Vicino al codice di tempo: 00:01:45:08 - 00:01:45:14

    Componente: Voukoder R2 di tipo Modulo di esportazione

    Selettore: 9

    Codice di errore: -2147483648

    here is the log from Vokouder preference tab


  • I just checked the premiere sdk documentation.

    It was wrong to use the "Use max. render quality" option for that. I will revert that change.

    Instead I will activate the outUseMaximumRenderPrecision setting.

    Thank you Mr Vouk,

    i'm not a developer but think that the critical aspect of developing a program is the possibility to find strange errors and i'm really happy to have discovered this for you :).

  • Vouk

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  • I have tested the speed differences between Voukoder 1.2.0 and Voukoder R2 (beta3 and beta4). And I can say that Voukoder R2 is very slow compared to Voukoder 1.2.0 with nvenc. I exported a 50 min video with the same nvenc settings in Voukoder 1.2.0 and Voukoder R2. In version 1.2.0 it takes about 5 minutes, in Voukoder R2 (beta3 and beta4) it takes about 9 minutes. I attached two screenshots from the taskmanager which shows that version 1.2.0 uses more Video engine power I think.

  • 1.2.0 settings = h264_nvenc with options: b=2000000,bf=2,maxrate=3000000,preset=slow,profile=high,rc=vbr,refs=3

    R2 settings = vcodec: h264_nvenc, voptions: _computeCapability=6.1,_pixelFormat=yuv420p,b=2000000,gpu=0,maxrate=3000000,preset=slow,profile=high,rc=vbr, acodec: libfdk_aac, aoptions: _sampleFormat=s16,profile=aac_low,vbr=3, format: mp4, faststart: 0

    And I noticed that Voukoder R2 log is flooded with this:

    Calling dl_fn->cuda_dl->cuCtxPopCurrent(&dummy)
     [2019-04-12T17:31:22] Calling dl_fn->cuda_dl->cuCtxPushCurrent(ctx->cu_context)
  • I compared the two files from version 1.2.0 and r2 and I can say that the quality of version r2 is a little bit better in rainy scenes than 1.2.0 but really hard to see . So there has to be some difference in the settings but for this loss of speed?

    There is also a wrong default value in voukoder r2 with nvenc h264 I noticed. In the GUI ref frames have a default value of 3 but the exported video has 1 ref frame.

  • Both are release builds downloaded from github releases.

    Some strange think is also why R2 is using less video engine power but more video copy.

    You are using a RTX card right Vouk ? Maybe its only affecting Gtx cards because of a new nvenc version or something?

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    It might have to to with libav logging a bit. When I disable the logging and have my own logging instead it looks like this:

    My logging looks like this:

    The fps are actually misleading. It were "only" like 430 fps actually.

    # GPU Session    Process   Codec       H       V Average     Average
    # Idx      Id         Id    Type     Res     Res     FPS Latency(us)
        0      38       6840   H.264    2048    1152     421        2275
        0      38       6840   H.264    2048    1152     430        2308
        0      38       6840   H.264    2048    1152     425        2329
        0      38       6840   H.264    2048    1152     425        2332
        0      38       6840   H.264    2048    1152     427        2322
        0      38       6840   H.264    2048    1152     435        2278
  • The R2 logfile looks also pretty strange. I think the log is not complete and missing entries.

    Here is are my fps values with 1.2.0 and R2 beta4. Hugh difference. And I attached the R2 log.

    I am pretty sure that I am using the same video export settings but also by changing some parameters, R2 is every time much slower.

  • Hi All,

    Hi Mr. Vouk,

    i've tested the new r2 b4 and i'm soo sorry for the following

    the plugin seems to extremely slow "even wothout high quality checked". Seems to have capped at 20% and seems that ignores every settings combinations :(.

    In task manager i see about 20% of Hardware encode utillizatin. the export works well but the benefit of GPU hardware accelerations completely disappear.

    i have the latest premiere pro "adobe cloud subscription" and a 2080 ti with 425.31 "gaming" drivers.

    Hope i'm wrong but i think that Nvidia is the responsable for this...

    if i can help you . please tell me how.

    ( the export was cancelled by me :) ).