Add 8fps to encoder frame rate selection

  • Hello! Back in 2018 a great favor was done for our group by adding the ability to select 10 & 15fps as encodable framerates.

    We have been needing one more added for awhile as it is necessary for us to encode video to stream over the network at 8fps for video capture performance studies. Could one more selection be added for 8fps?

    This will help us greatly by reducing our compute requirements since we no longer need to transcode from 10fps down to 8fps.

    Thank you so much for you work!

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    As far as I can remember you're using premiere, right? Please try updating to premiere connector 1.13, I have added the 8 fps mode there.

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  • That is correct, great memory! I was unable to find the original thread.

    It works great - thanks so much for your efforts and blinding fast turnaround time!

    Would it be possible to add or change this field so that the user could input whatever framerate they'd like? Maybe have the current selections but then add a 'custom' choice that opens up a new number control below?