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    Running into a strange issue with the premiere plugin version 1.13.0 (present in 1.12.0 too) where in some projects, a custom frame size is unable to be set. After the user inputs the desired width or height and clicks out of the field or hits enter, the field immediately reverts back to 0.

    This bug was resolved in another project by changing the Format type to H.264, then back to Voukoder. However that workaround is not successful in this project and others. It is important to note that this issue is only present for the Voukoder Format type.

    Any idea what could be preventing the settings from taking hold?

    Attached is a video (drop the .pdf ext) illustrating the issue. VoukoderCustomFrameSize.mp4.pdf

    That is correct, great memory! I was unable to find the original thread.

    It works great - thanks so much for your efforts and blinding fast turnaround time!

    Would it be possible to add or change this field so that the user could input whatever framerate they'd like? Maybe have the current selections but then add a 'custom' choice that opens up a new number control below?

    Hello! Back in 2018 a great favor was done for our group by adding the ability to select 10 & 15fps as encodable framerates.

    We have been needing one more added for awhile as it is necessary for us to encode video to stream over the network at 8fps for video capture performance studies. Could one more selection be added for 8fps?

    This will help us greatly by reducing our compute requirements since we no longer need to transcode from 10fps down to 8fps.

    Thank you so much for you work!


    We noticed that when configuring the NVENC encoder settings, the selected GPU does not persist. We are attempting the double check that we have the correct GPU selected and when doing so, the configure box appears to reset the value.

    We can confirm that the selected GPU is the one that is indeed used when "OK" is selected, not the one that shows when you go back into the configure screen. Please view the video for a better illustration.

    Hello! I am trying to encode a video that I created with After Effects. Everything works fine with x264, but we'd like to speed up the encoding process with our Quadro P5000 & P4000 GPUs.

    We seem unable to get the h264_nvenc codec to open, even when using default settings. We are using the latest NVIDIA driver, 472.47. Any ideas of what could be going wrong?

    Also, hvec_nvenc appears to work with the same default settings, but we have not fully tested encoding an entire video with it.