Frame Size input resets to 0 after submitting change in Format Plug-In

  • Running into a strange issue with the premiere plugin version 1.13.0 (present in 1.12.0 too) where in some projects, a custom frame size is unable to be set. After the user inputs the desired width or height and clicks out of the field or hits enter, the field immediately reverts back to 0.

    This bug was resolved in another project by changing the Format type to H.264, then back to Voukoder. However that workaround is not successful in this project and others. It is important to note that this issue is only present for the Voukoder Format type.

    Any idea what could be preventing the settings from taking hold?

    Attached is a video (drop the .pdf ext) illustrating the issue. VoukoderCustomFrameSize.mp4.pdf

  • We don't have a workaround or a route forward for this bug and are blocked for half of our projects (the 4:3 aspect ones).

    Any ideas on what a fix or possible workaround could be?

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    Unfortunately I am not able to reproduce this issue, but to me it feels like a project cache needs to be flushed / is corrupted. Changing it to a different Format and back is a good way to do this. You might also try to hold CTRL+SHIFT during the start of premiere.

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  • It appears to be following those media projects. Found a workaround though, export the media as is, then adjust the plugin/export configuration within Media Encoder itself!